Now that I’m no longer a student and the reality of having to pay full price for Spotify is starting to settle down, I’m very grateful to Hallam for giving me the opportunity to start my digital PR career. The fact that I now work directly from Uni for an award-winning digital marketing agency is absolutely insane, and probably not fully understood. Top Tips for Australia Phone Number Navigating the Graduate Digital PR Job Market 1) Make LinkedIn your bible LinkedIn is by far one of the most important tools available to graduates. Being able to track companies and see who does what jobs is absolutely invaluable for job-hungry graduates. Get the most out of the platform and make connections.

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Get in touch with hiring managers, HR reps to get you through the door and get businesses noticed. Not only is it a great way to make connections, but it’s also a great platform to showcase your work. Post Australia Phone Number regularly and share with your contacts the projects you’re working on. When I was looking for opportunities, LinkedIn quickly became my most-used social media platform, allowing me to share work I had done at university, such as articles and articles in my PR module.

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Make the most of it and showcase the skills you can offer employers. LinkedIn opportunity to present yourself If lockdown has taught me. Anything, it’s that you can’t wait for an opportunity to come to you. On my first day at Hallam, CEO Julio Taylor said to me, “You need to create your own luck. Remember to be ambitious, but be humble.” During my Australia Phone Number time at Trent. I realized that being a journalist wasn’t as good for me as I once thought. I started moving in a different direction. During the second lockdown, I took a remote placement at a digital design and marketing startup and joined Notts County Women a few months later.

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