I have always had the chance to find Pakistan Email List  pleasure and exceptional motivation to do my different jobs. But where does this ability to mobilize initially come from? The feeling of revenge on my school career? Want to prove wrong, those who told me that I would do nothing in life? The desire to satisfy the people who trusted me to put me in the stirrup? The quest for success? I don’t really know, but certainly a bit of all of this at the same time. And during all these years, I heard hundreds of times the little permanent music that invited me to slow down: “You work too much! »,« It’s not just work in life, think of your children, your wife! »,« At this rate you will end up alone! “,” You are going to die at work “. These sentences, they were not said with bad intentions

I tried to defend myself as best I could by explaining that for me, it was like a hobby and that when you are passionate about something, the notion of time disappears . You only have to see in the administration or in large companies the number of people who suffer from Bore-out (lack of work) or Brown-out (loss of meaning in their work). Me, I have this chance (unless I have contributed a little too) to build an environment that promotes my personal development . I did not have to undertake for that, because over my 32 years of professional life

The Concept Of Flow

, I was employed for 20 years with the same pleasure (except the last year, hence my choice to leave). It is true that since I have been an entrepreneur, I have had even freer hands to build this environment conducive to this feeling of well-being!  No time to read this article? Watch Olivier’s video directly! But I had to cross the threshold of 50 years, 32 years of professional life, to hear Séverine Erhel at Ted X Rennes 2021, put a word on what I live: The Flow! Listening to it, I realized that I had always fallen into the Flow .


Nothing serious on the contrary. But anyway we put precise words on a feeling that I live and that I could not explain to those who do not understand where I find this energy. She explains it in particular through the hyper-concentration that gamers experience on a video game . They can no longer let go, they are so caught up in it, with a notion of time that disappears. Anyone who is not a player cannot understand. Parents who come, for example, to ask to immediately stop the game in the middle of a table do not realize that the player is unable to stop.

Team Flow

This request can create enormous frustration or even anger for him, because the frustration is so important. Well my professional life looks a bit like that. It’s like a video game, but in real life, with meaning and where I try to make a real impact. Each position that I have occupied is then like a game board, with difficulties to cross or bypass, allies, adversaries, with the objective of completing a mission and obtaining bonuses. When you successfully complete a challenge, you reach a new level. It’s a little harder, but you’ve learned your skills, pushed your limits, and you’re motivated to go further. You fail but you start over because you have the motivation to make it happen. You are successful, you are satisfied with yourself, so you want to keep going until you surpass yourself. The concept of Flow

This concept, developed by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi from 1975, defines flow as a state of optimal activation in which the subject is completely immersed in the activity . The experience of flow is qualified as ” autotelic “, that is to say that it finds its end in itself (search for leisure activities only dedicated to its pleasure). Jeanne Nakamura & Mihály Csíkszentmihályi identified six aspects surrounding a flow experience : Intense concentration focused on the present moment; Disappearance of the distance between the subject and the object; Loss of sense of self-awareness; Feeling of control and power over the activity or situation; Distortion of the perception of time; The activity is in itself a source of satisfaction (or autotelic). These aspects can be present independently of each other, but only the combination of several of them makes it possible to constitute a true flow experience .


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