The results of the International Data Australia WhatsApp Number List figures of smartphones are not very positive. They show a 1.8% drop in sales in the second quarter of 2018 (342 million units) compared to the second quarter of 2017 (348 million units). This is the third consecutive quarterly decline in the volume of smartphones sold, only the fourth in history. The result of a global market benefiting from an already very strong penetration rate, even if some emerging markets can still turn the trend. If Apple breaks sales records with more than $ 53 billion in the second quarter of 2018 (up 17%), the firm is overtaken in the ranking by Huawei,

which becomes the second largest seller of smartphones (54 , 2 million units sold – 15.8% of the market), behind Samsung, a solid leader (71.5 million units sold – 20.9% market share) despite a 10.4% drop in its sales. Apple is the victim of a stagnation in its sales, when the Chinese giant enjoys an increase of more than 40% in one year. This is the first time since 2010 that Apple is not among the two biggest sellers of smartphones.Stripe has been at the head of FinTech for a few years, especially since its fundraising in late 2016 valuing the startup at more than $ 9 billion. The company is an Internet payment platform, but it also publishes a suite of applications that allow, in particular, to manage income or fight fraud. Present in 120 countries,

A Partner Portal With Tutorials And Use Cases To Integrate

it has exceeded one million merchants on its platform, from small startups to the largest companies in the world. Stripe also works with many partners who have developed an integration with its services: PrestaShop, Shopify, DocuSign, WooCommerce or Xero, to name a few. A real added value, according to Alexandre Eruimy, CEO of PrestaShop:“Stripe enables PrestaShop merchants to offer a very innovative payment experience, both on desktop and mobile. The plugin installs in a few minutes and does not require a VAD contract. This saves considerable time and money for the entire PrestaShop community ” adds Alexandre Eruimy, CEO of Prestashop. stripe-logo-blue Stripe is launching today its first Partner Program,


with the aim of helping its users to discover reliable partners, beyond the problem of payment, but also to give the opportunity to many third-party companies to facilitate bridges with his solution. This is a formalization of an already existing ecosystem, already using the service or its APIs, and giving access to new resources. “ We have been working with thousands of innovative partners since the start, ” said Guillaume Princen, General Manager France and Southern Europe of Stripe on this subject. ” Over the years, we’ve seen a growing demand for a formalized program that helps our users discover new, reliable partners to work with. That’s why we created the Partner Program – the first cloud-based and API-based partner program in the payments market – with the goal of increasing Internet GDP. ”

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Twitter continues its fight against fake accounts, bots, and accounts whose identity has not been verified. This morning, many users are complaining about a drastic drop in their subscribers. For others the awakening was a bit surprising with emails claiming that their account would be blocked. This is actually a further step in forcing users to verify their account with their phone number. Many users see in this wave of blocking a “purge”, in particular intended to block political and activist accounts (of all stripes). This wave of blocking also seems to coincide with a display bug, with some accounts seeing their number of followers drop to zero. Hello Twitter, I am one of the many activist accounts, of all political persuasions, which were blocked last night.

My number of followers has also decreased. Yet I did not break any rules. Is our political commitment at the origin of this blockage? – Hugo Robert (@ Hugo_Robert17) July 31, 2018 The explanation is much more down to earth: Twitter just wants your account verified with a phone number. This makes the platform less anonymous, and less exposed to violent speech, and therefore easier to moderate. This fight explains the drop in your number of subscribers, it is probably suspended accounts, or accounts awaiting verification. twitterfi One can nevertheless wonder about the communication of Twitter which gives absolutely no explanation on the wave of deactivation of today.

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