This is the essence of ” market orientation ” – marketing is not a function, but a strategic, company-wide orientation focused on identifying and fulfilling customer needs. Market-Oriented Benefits So why take this Mexico Phone Number approach? There is substantial evidence that there is a positive relationship between market orientation and firm performance. This includes improving customer satisfaction, the ability to adapt to dynamic market forces, and bottom-line performance. How do I adopt market orientation?

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The first thing to do is to conduct a market-oriented audit. This calculator has 20 easy questions to help you understand how important your company is to the market. These questions also serve as a checklist Mexico Phone Number becoming more market-oriented. Calculator is a simple Google Sheet that you can copy. We repurposed it from Graham Hooley’s Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning. Social Marketing Concept Social market orientation builds on the principle of market orientation, adding that organisations should also be oriented towards the needs of society as a whole.

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Contrary to shareholder capitalism, it believes that long-term success depends on balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders; customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the planet. I believe that the combination of disruptive forces such as the Covid-19 pandemic, rapid technological progress and an accelerating climate crisis will Mexico Phone Number to more organizations setting goals around social impact as well as profit and customer goals. Interestingly, this is also what your customers want to see. 76% agree that the pandemic has made them more sympathetic to the needs of others in their community and inspired to take positive action (source = Deloitte Millennial Survey).

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