Before you get down to designing your first logo, take a moment to learn some tips and tricks for creating an eye-catching logo that will be remembered. One of these tips is to design your logo by taking advantage of negative space. Negative space: what is it? Negative-space-logo-NBCAccording to Creative Bloq , it is “the space that surrounds an Haiti Email List in an image”. It is the space without content, the spaces between words and the space around the symbols in your logo. The 1986 NBC logo is a good example. This iconic logo artfully depicted a peacock’s feathers using bright colors but used negative space to represent its body. Negative-Space-logo_Guild-Food-WritersNegative space is often used to play tricks on the mind of the person viewing the image.

Many works of art use negative space to convey another level of meaning or to deceive the viewer about what they are seeing during the first few seconds. In the world of logos, that of Guild of Food Writers ‘ is a prime example of the use of negative space. The logo features the organization’s name in black using a simple, sans-serif font. Above the name is the tip of a fountain pen. However, the day between the two parts of the beak of the feather has the shape of a spoon. The image is simple but effective in communicating both the concept of quality writing and that of fine dining.


Take A Trick On The Mind

Create a symbol by combining letters Negative-Space-logo-FedExIf you’re interested in using negative space, try bringing the letters of your logo closer together to see what the result is. Have you ever noticed the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo ? The negative space between the “E” and the x ”forms a white arrow: the perfect symbol to represent a forward looking company. Again this is a simple logo, but one that uses color and negative space so wisely that it has won several design awards. Make a cuttingNegative-Space-logo_Girl-Scouts Is there a symbol that you already use for your business? Place a solid-colored version of this symbol on a white background and observe it closely. Is there a part of this symbol that you could cut out to reveal another shape that would reflect your business and mission?


The Girl Scouts organization based its logo on the shape of a girl’s face, putting girls at the center of the brand. Negative-space-logo-Boom-BurgersYou can also enlarge an iconic image and insert text into it using negative space. The logo of the restaurant Boom! Burgers is made up of the black shape of a cow with the word “Boom” on it using negative white space. It’s the cow’s tail that cleverly looks like an exclamation mark. The cows are often depicted in black and white, the image resonates in the minds of the public and allows a strong impact. Use product imageNegative-space-logo-Alchemist Do you specialize in a particular product? Maybe there is a subtle way to include it in your logo using negative space.


Add Text To The Image

The Alchimiste microbrewery in Joliette, Quebec features the letter “A” in its logo; however, instead of using a single uppercase letter, the negative space inside the “A” has been converted to form the silhouette of a beer bottle. There might be a way for you to do something similar to create your logo. For more ideas on how to use negative space when creating your logo, browse some of our templates in our free logo maker software. Remember to use negative space in a subtle but effective way and you will get the attention of your target audience. The choice of colors should be the last step in the design process. Logos are often reproduced in black and white; it is therefore better to create an effective design in the absence of color.

Have you ever noticed the arrow in the Fedex logo? The design has an impact without the combination of purple and orange. Most importantly, choose colors that match the story you want to tell. Experiment with the degrees of lightness and saturation and take advantage of negative spaces . Think about how the NBC logo uses white to shape the body of a peacock. Bright colors should be used sparingly otherwise the effect can be overwhelming. A color gradient can be effective in highlighting the most important elements of the design, such as on the Soundcloud logo. 5) Save your logo files It would be a shame to spoil a great logo design because of the use of unsuitable image files.

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