More and more companies are using this web marketing leverage in their strategy, but do you really know the term “content marketing”? In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of content marketing as well as its interests for your Iraq Email List and your activity. Once all the keys in hand, you can develop your strategy and take your first steps in your content marketing strategy! What is content marketing? Content marketing actions cost 62% less than traditional advertising and marketing and generate almost 3 times more leads (Source: Demand Metric). Content marketing is a web marketing strategy that is based on the creation and distribution of content that provides informative and useful value to the reader.

The main goal of content marketing is to communicate with your audience and develop the visibility of your brand in a targeted manner. It is a traffic acquisition technique that is one of the essential levers of Inbound Marketing and which differs from more traditional levers such as advertising for example. These traditional levers are often considered too intrusive by consumers. There are different forms of content marketing: blog posts, web page content, videos or even photographs. The latter two best illustrate the activity of a company and provide value-added content.


What Are The Steps To Develop My Content Marketing Strategy?

The subjects for giving advice or tutorials on the use of your products are distinguished from more traditional content. Content marketing brings many measurable and effective long-term benefits to your website and of course to your business. The positive effects of content marketing do not go away over time unlike more traditional levers like advertising. This is because as long as your content is online, it continues to exist for search engines and brings you traffic. Content Marketing The four advantages of a content marketing strategy GIVE MORE VISIBILITY By publishing content on your website or blog, you increase your visibility with your targets via search engines like Google or even social networks like Facebook or Instagram.


These social networks bring together millions of users in search of new content. By distributing and sharing your content on several different channels (websites, social networks, emailings, etc.) you strengthen your visibility. With this objective of visibility, it is also important to work on your marketing content for SEO referencing. GAIN NOTORIETY Content marketing will not only give you visibility, but it will also increase your profile. Position your brand as an ambassador on themes that are specific to you. By publishing qualitative content and transmitting your expertise, it will consolidate your reference image on the subject and you will be considered more as an expert. Content marketing strengthens your identity and the authority of your business or brand over your industry.


Write Your Content Internally, By A Freelance Or By An Agency?

Over time, your prospects will more naturally turn to your business to meet their needs in your industry, seeing your brand as an expert in its field. ATTRACT PROSPECTS More than 90% of Internet users do a research on the internet before buying a product (Source: HubSpot). The combination of an editorial calendar and content marketing allows you to attract qualified prospects to your website with the creation of qualitative and differentiating content. The more interested your site visitors are in the topics you offer with your content marketing strategy, the more potentially they will be able to appeal to you, your services or your products.

Thanks to marketing content, you will easily promote your activity, your services and your products by highlighting them in blog articles for example. In addition to content marketing, the use of lead nurturing offers you the opportunity to qualify your database and measure the interest of your prospects for your content. RETAIN YOUR AUDIENCE AND YOUR CUSTOMERS Engage your audience by regularly posting content in order to maintain a regular relationship with your audience on the different channels where you distribute your content. It also brings regular traffic to your website. What are the steps to develop my content marketing strategy? Content marketing is a strategy that requires several steps and techniques for its successful implementation. Steps that should not be overlooked to ensure a content marketing strategy that can meet your long-term goals.



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