In a highly competitive sector Lithuania WhatsApp Number List  where IT experts and developers are increasingly in demand, it becomes difficult for some companies to assert their philosophy during the interview. At OCTO Technology, the recruitment team felt the need for candidates to better understand the company they meet, its operation, its culture. The HR experts therefore set up a project to improve the recruitment process, by establishing innovative methods of exchange with the candidate. Exit the classic and structured interview For Océane Poiron, recruitment officer, it all started with an interview in which she suffered the “recruiter’s cleat”, that unsettling moment when the candidate replied that the ESNs “all offer more or less the same thing”.

A real blow that will become a revelation for the HR department of OCTO Technology: this need to get out of the classic exchange with the candidate. “We did not succeed enough in transmitting the strong corporate culture that reigns at OCTO,” explains Émilie Cognasson, also in charge of recruitment, which translates into real emulation between employees and many moments of sharing. With a view to continuous improvement, we wanted to do something different and original in our recruitment process in order to best reflect our image. ” Beyond the classic and structured interview which always retains its place in the OCTO recruitment process, the candidate now has the choice of the format of the meeting

Exit The Classic And Structured Interview

We offer him three ways to exchange: A “Draw me your profile” format in which a briefcase is available to the candidate, with post-it notes, stickers, markers, etc. in order to allow him to draw a skill tree. A second interview format with the card game, representing motivation levers or values. Recruiters ask the candidate to rank them in order of importance to them. Finally, at a certain stage of the recruitment process and if the need arises, the candidate can also participate in a Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) with the OCTO teams, meet the teams or simply share a coffee with the team. one of the collaborators to ask questions. These new exchanges thus occupy the first half hour of the interview,


. which then turns to a more traditional process. A new way to stand out for the candidate Very often, the experimentation of these new methods of meeting tend to destabilize the candidates. But once this feeling of crossing the unknown has passed, the exercises offered by OCTO Technology bear fruit. Le format « Dessine-moi ton profil », dans lequel le candidat doit dessiner son arbre de compétences, lui permet de mettre en avant de manière originale ses acquis et ses atouts. « Avec ces méthodes, nous apprenons des choses que nous n’aurions pas forcément découvert dans un entretien plus classique, déclare Émilie Cognasson. Dans ce format, le candidat est plus libre de s’exprimer et de faire apparaître sa créativité.

A New Way To Stand Out For The Candidate

Il aura aussi tendance à un peu plus se livrer. » Regarding the moving motivator cards, this is about talking about the different motivation levers. As the discussion with the recruiter progresses, the various important elements for the candidate will emerge when they would not necessarily have thought of talking about them. He himself can also realize in these interviews that certain aspects have value for him: these methods indeed allow the candidate to do his introspection and to precisely put his finger on his own expectations, his desires, values ​​that one does not always realize or that one does not think of putting forward. Finally, the candidate’s immersion in a tribal day, a morning in a team or even a BBL allows the HR team to more easily identify his skills, his soft skills,

which he is really capable of in concrete cases. “It is also the opportunity for the candidate to discover our methods and to understand the daily life of an Octo” specifies Émilie Cognasson. Transmit the corporate culture of OCTO Technology If the addition of these new steps can make us think of a much longer process time for recruitments, this is not the point of view adopted by the HR department. “The long-term investment issue largely justifies these steps for the HR team. Applicants are generally asking for this kind of meeting. ” Thus, the team favors quality over quantity of recruitments: “We plan to recruit 140 people for 2018, but our level of requirement does not change”, announces Émilie Cognasson

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