Why and how to achieve it? In this article, we will explain to you what the zero position is, why it is interesting for your SEO optimization and especially how you could achieve it. Because position 0 has a very special utility that many still ignore … Position 0: origin and definition Definition: what is position 0? According to the term used by Google, position zero or “position 0” is a search result appearing on the first page of results . You must be wondering then what difference there can be with the first position of the SERP (search engine results page). Unlike the first position, the 0 position is before the usual natural results.

Here is how Google Macau Email List position 0 of the “featured snippet” format: “In Google search results, the snippet describing a page sometimes appears before the link to that page, and not after as in our standard format. The results displayed in this way are called “optimized snippets” […] This format will make it easier for our users to find what they are looking for, both through the description of the page and when they click on the link to read its content ”. THE DIFFERENT FORMATS OF POSITION 0 To provide content likely to answer the questions entered in the search bar, Google extracts the information to display the answer it considers the most qualitative and obvious.

Did You Know That We Can Rank Better Than First On Google?

This is called the “featured snippet” . The information comes from pages published on the web whose link is displayed at the bottom of the box. how to reach position 0-1 The “featured snippet” can take several forms depending on the type of question asked by the Internet user: Text paragraph, Bulleted list or classification, Chart, Video, Picture… The choice of format depends on what Google’s algorithm thinks is the best answer to display. However, it is important to distinguish the featured snippet from other formats offered by Google, which also follow the logic of a “response engine”: Onebox, also called “Direct answer”, has a small box at the top of the results page entitled “ Featured ” offering a selection of several sources of information potentially responding to the request.


The onebox corresponds to universal search . how to reach position 0 – 2 “Quick answers” returns a quick response provided from information contained in the databases of Google or its partners . You will find answers such as calculations, conversions, translations, sports results or even the weather … No link towards a web page is present here. how to reach position 0 – 3 Knowledge card shows information from the Knowledge Graph (Google databases) in a specific box and suggests several types of information associated with the user’s research. Google uses its data to provide this information based on the usual searches of Internet users.

Why And How To Achieve It?

Unlike the featured snippet, the Knowledge card does not cite any source. how to reach position 0 – 4 What interest does the zero position represent for google? In recent years, Google has sought to position itself more as a “response engine” rather than a real search engine . Their goal is to provide relevant answers as quickly as possible to increasingly demanding and impatient users. Also, the arrival on the market of voice search and voice assistants such as Google Now , accentuates this tendency to want to provide precise answers and no longer just “answers” as one could usually find them in the SERP. .

Why and how to reach the zero position? What does the zero position bring to your website? Before trying to reach position # 0, you have to ask yourself how it can be used for your natural referencing! In any SEO strategy , no one today can do without working on the SEO optimization of their site. Even if it seems obvious, the emphasis and visibility obtained by the zero position is such that it generates an explosion of traffic . But that’s not all ! It also impacts traffic on mobile media and more particularly its visual and vocal emphasis, especially since the appearance of Google Now.

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