Whether you are making sales literature, designing your storefront, or just creating personalized business cards, your logo will be used in multiple ways. To ensure that your logo looks clean and professional no matter where your design appears, we suggest that you create a transparent version for ease of use. If you are wondering Australian Email Address to make a transparent logo for your business or why you might need it in the first place, FreeLogoServices is here to help. Learn more about logo transparency, how it looks, and how choosing the right file type can save you a lot of hassle down the road. Transparency and logo design Logo transparency allows the background to appear on any surface the design is placed on, which is different from a logo with a solid color background.

Say you have a circular logo that is blue in color, but you saved the file with a solid white background. If you’ve used your logo only on white-colored surfaces, such as emails or stationery, then having a design with a white background doesn’t present a noticeable problem. But now you want to place your logo on the glass front door of your new office. Affixing a large white square to glass might not look polished and professional. By removing the white background from your logo and letting the main blue design stand out, a clean effect is created. This allows people to focus on what is really important – your corporate identity . In order to enhance the visual appeal of your promotional material and ensure that your business branding will be presented well in any context, consider adopting file types, such as vector files when saving.


How To Make A Logo With A Transparent Background?

File types for a transparent logo Whether you use the services of a professional graphic designer or a service such as that of FreeLogoServices, by the time you come to the end of your design process, consider the different ways to save your final design depending on the multiple uses you plan to make your logo. Many standard digital files are called raster files and can be stored in different formats. Raster files are made up of pixels, and the quality of the image file tends to degrade or become more “pixelated” when you manipulate the file to enlarge it. Raster files such as a transparent are great if you want your design to have a transparent background and if you only plan to use your logo for one application.


If you intend to resize your logo, we recommend saving your design in a vector file format. So you can increase the size without losing design quality. Vector files are created from mathematically precise points and are an essential file type in logo design. No matter how large your vector file is, you will get the same quality look as your logo. Most vector logos will be transmitted as an .ai file when created with Adobe Illustrator. You will also see. All of these files will work when you apply your transparent logo in different ways to promote your business. If you haven’t created your logo yet and are starting to do your design using an online tool, remember not to fill the background of your logo with white or any other solid color.


How Freelogoservices Can Facilitate Logo Transparency

Once you’ve done the final touches on your logo and are ready to save the final file, be sure to choose a vector logo file format. With FreeLogoServices Logo Maker, you will be able to download all the important files for using your logo according to your needs, including logo designer creating transparent logo Changing the background of an existing logo The easiest answer to the question of how to make the background of an existing logo transparent is to use a free editing tool to edit the file you have. Services like PicMonkey , Lunapic, and Canva are user-friendly tools that you can use to quickly edit your logo and remove a solid color background. Each of these tools will be different in terms of how to edit your existing logo file, but the steps are generally the same. First, you upload your existing file to the platform.

Then, you select a background editor. In Lunapic, for example, under the “Edit” menu, you’ll find an option called “Transparent Background Effect”. You then select the white background, and Lunapic will immediately make it transparent. The same process is used in PicMonkey, but you’ll have to use their “Eraser Tool” to start removing the solid color from your background and end up with a transparent logo. The last step is to save your file as a high resolution .png file. Please note that many online editing tools do not allow you to save your file in a vector file format. When the download is complete, you will be able to use your transparent logo. Vector-based logos If you prefer to use powerful editing software, manipulate your existing file in software such as Adobe Illustrator and then save your file in one of the recommended vector formats.

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