In some cases, an active social media feed is more important than a formal website. It’s the place where customers can ask questions, find inspiration and share their favorite posts to stay in touch with their friends. With such potential for Aruba Email List and business growth, it’s important to have a consistent branding image on social media for all of your profiles. Your company logo should be custom designed to match all of your social media profiles so that anyone who sees your posts can immediately recognize who you are and what you value. To learn how to create a logo for each of the most popular social platforms, as well as the benefits of strategic social media branding, read on.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to create a great profile picture on every major platform. Social media platforms emphasize visual content. With the exception of Twitter, which is still heavily text-based, most major platforms favor specially curated images, videos and feeds. Your logo helps play an important role in establishing brand identity and recognition among your social media followers. A well-designed social media logo will help build brand awareness and build trust with customers who visit your social media profiles. Your logo will convey the image of a detail-oriented business wishing to connect with consumers in a multitude of places. The best way to do this is to create separate images for each social media profile that you plan to be on.


Benefits Of A Custom Logo For Social Media

This will help you ensure that you have the required size for each platform and that you provide a better viewing experience for your audience regardless of where the brand is presented to them. How to make a logo for Instagram Choosing the right logo size for social media accounts can be stressful. Fortunately, Instagram only offers one place to add your logo: the profile picture. If you’re planning on using Instagram for your business, there’s an easy-to-tick box on your to-do list here. Where other platforms have header images and other branding opportunities, Instagram has only one place. The easiest way to add a logo to your Instagram is to create a square version of your logo.


The optimum size is 180 x 180 pixels, but the minimum required is 110 x 110 pixels. Make sure that your logo for Instagram is simple, clear and easily understandable when viewed on a smartphone. Most consumers will see your profile on their phone; space is therefore limited. How to make a YouTube logo YouTube offers several places to insert your logo for image and brand recognition. The first step is to create a channel icon. This is basically your profile picture and it will show up across the platform. YouTube recommends using .jpg, .gif (non-animated), .bmp, or .png files for your icon. It’s best to upload an 800 x 800 pixel image to ensure quality on all devices, but the image itself is typically displayed at 98 x 98 pixels. However, your channel art or banner will not be visible when you comment on other videos and interact with customers.


How to make a Facebook logo

However, to create the kind of visual experience that people expect, you’ll still need a professionally designed banner. Unlike other platforms, the way YouTube channel banners are displayed depends on the device. On larger screens, your channel banner is usually displayed in its entirety, hence the importance of using the space carefully. But, on smaller devices, your channel banner might need to be cropped. This means that the most important information, like your logo, should be near the center so that it appears on all devices. YouTube recommends uploading a 2560 x 1440 pixel image as your channel banner. But, the minimum dimensions for a successful download are 2,048 x 1,152 pixels. YouTube is known for video content.

If you intend to use this feature as part of your business strategy, be sure to get a transparent .png from your graphic designer or online logo design software. The transparent file will allow you to overlay your social media logo over the video to increase your brand exposure. There are a few things to remember when designing a logo for Facebook. The first is that there is a difference between a business account and a personal account. Although the sizes of social media logos are similar, they are not interchangeable. To get started, figure out which account you have. Next, start thinking about how you are going to use the two branding opportunities. Most businesses add their logo as a profile photo and use the cover image to showcase offered products, a sale, or other lifestyle images.

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