All of them seem to be decorated for the holidays. Everywhere, beautiful images of snowflakes and gifts, a sparkle of red, gold and green, and call-to-action that captures the holiday spirit. You made a point of doing the same on your site this year, but you don’t know where to start, or which muse to turn to. Getting your business ready for the Andorra Email List doesn’t have to stop at the storefront – the holiday spirit is spreading online too. In-store traffic continues to decrease and more and more consumers are shopping online, huddled on their couch with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Now is the time to sit down at your computer, too, and start thinking about ways to spruce up your website for the holidays.

To keep buyers on your site during the holidays, you need to plan your makeover well. Not only will this save you time, but the final result will be much cleaner. If you make changes to your website headlong, it won’t be long before you realize that you’re wasting a lot of time replacing images, playing with colors, and adjusting your CTAs. Here are some things to plan for: Choose your promotions. Determine what promotions and discounts you want to do this year. Take inventory, do some math, and carefully determine the rate or amount of discount you want to offer Internet users. Make sure you can afford to cut the prices on the products or services you are offering, and remember not to go overboard with promotions.


Before Making Any Changes

Sometimes it’s better to discount just a few items, and keep the rest full. Remember what you did last year. Going back to previous festive periods will help you decide on the web this year. What were your call-to-actions last year? What images did you use? Have you included a festive pop-up on your website or a promo code? Try to remember what worked and what didn’t and base your graphics decisions on that knowledge. Remember to take a look at which pages have generated the most traffic. Did you run an email marketing campaign for a specific landing page? Did your Facebook ad get people to a popular product page? If you know you’re going to get a lot of traffic to just a few pages, you might be better off just changing the look of those specific pages. Take a look at your competition.


There is nothing wrong with browsing a few competitors’ sites this time of year. Friendly competition is a great way to assess your own business. Take about an hour to sift through your competitor’s websites and note what graphics you like and don’t like. Then list the changes you want to make on your own site, from easiest to most difficult. Finally, estimate how much time (or even money) you will need for each change. If that rain of snowflakes in the background will take hours of programming and coding, you might be better off just adding a parallax image for the main banner of your homepage. Think about a color scheme. If you can quickly change the color scheme of your website, feel free to choose colors associated with the holiday season. Dark greens like fir green make great font colors.


Give A Holiday Feel To Your Website

The intense red like burgundy or crimson, make buttons or catchy banners. Whatever information you want to be highlighted on your site this season, a red tint is your best bet for generating sales. To tone down the red and green, make sure that most of your site stays in muted tones of white, beige, or gray. Choose festive CTAs. Festive call-to-actions are a great way to put your online customers in the Christmas shopping spirit. Call-to-action such as “12 days of surprises” “Happy shopping! ”Or“ Decor for a cheerful and bright home ”have no equal when it comes to boosting year-end sales. All festive puns are allowed this season of the year, so brainstorm and submit some ideas to your co-workers and employees.

Remember, there are no better places for your festive CTAs than your homepage and the pages that attract high traffic. Create banners or pop-ups. Although still considered call-to-action, website banners and pop-ups allow website builders to be a little more creative. Banners and pop-ups provide more space to include text, images, and links. Use a free online photo editorsuch as Pixlr to create a pop-up window that will appear when people come to your site. This pop-up may include information about a major site-wide promotion or an entire product category. Add a “Buy Now” or “View Offer” button that links to a page you want to direct people to so they can easily find what they’re looking for. Go for metallic-colored fonts (for example, gold or silver) and a festive background to indicate to your visitors that this is your big holiday offer. Change the font.

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