To organize internally, everyone has Portugal Email List  their own method. Whether it’s a post-it on the corner of the computer, a notepad, an Evernote-like online reminder or a Trello-like project management tool, everyone has their own thing, as long as it works. But how to ensure that projects are progressing well when a subject brings together many interlocutors? In 2019, MV Group chose the Asana tool for all of its subsidiaries . The objectives: streamline exchanges, limit communication channels and cognitive load, with the aim of improving internal performance and for our customers . Asana, what is it? Asana is a project management tool that facilitates organization internally, but also with customers.

On the same principle as Trello, it is about creating cards corresponding to tasks , to which we assign a manager and collaborators, as well as a deadline. At MV Group, all projects correspond to the same architecture and the same nomenclatures . This makes it easy to navigate and gain efficiency, even when moving from one project to another. How the tool works: A project manager is defined for each new launch. Responsible for creating the tasks and sub-tasks, as well as ensuring their smooth running. Each employee also has the possibility of creating their own tasks so as not to forget anything. On each project, it is possible to choose its display mode (list, table and calendar being the most commonly used). This tool is used internally on the various projects.

Asana, What Is It?

And in practice, what does it give? First, like any new tool in a business, there is an adaptation phase. These are new habits to take, new automatisms. You have to take the reflex to open your Asana inbox every morning, look at the assigned tasks and respond to them. Once you get used to it, you can quickly see the beneficial effects: the number of emails received has decreased (even if it still exists), the follow-up of each project has become more fluid and the cognitive load is reduced. The benefits of Asana A global vision of the projects: actions to be carried out, in progress, completed An easily accessible history for any new contributor.


A simple means of exchange for all members of a project A centralized information and document system Possibility of synchronizing the tasks to be carried out with their Gmail, Apple or Outlook calendar for example, useful so as not to forget anything . These are the benefits that our customers can see very quickly, as well as internal advantages! As part of a change of interlocutor with one of our clients, for example, the newcomer was able to quickly gain an overview of the progress of the project. He was also able to easily find the deliverables, as well as the exchanges that led to the creation of these deliverables to fully understand the context. Read also:

How The Tool Works

A strategist to guarantee the performance of your digital campaigns The disadvantages of Asana Change of habit compared to the very rooted email. Cognitive load similar to the mailbox which overflows if no regular follow-up Management of emails and Asana so that all employees use the tool well. Asana tips and tricks Personally, there are two things I mainly use on Asana: Favorites and Inbox. Favorites: By adding all the projects I’m working on to my favorites, I arrive in one click on the project I’m looking for. It should be noted that the “Portfolio” can also be useful in this sense to group together its projects but also to share them . At MV Group, we work a lot in pairs,

sharing your portfolio with your partner is therefore a time saver for everyone. Inbox: this is my new mailbox, in a faster and more efficient version. I am notified of subjects that I am following, but also of items that await action or a response from me. I therefore leave in my inbox the actions to be carried out before archiving them. You have just discovered one of our manufacturing secrets, do not hesitate to contact us to entrust us with the management of your digital projects. to Olivier: “we promised ourselves to remain ourselves and not to become what we had fled” # 1 – Who is Olivier Méril? I am 50 years old, and 10 years ago I became an entrepreneur by founding MV Group ,

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