There is a multiplicity of these contests on the web, the most famous of which are “winning moments” and “serious games”. With the rise of social networks and the volume of traffic they generate and easily bring, participatory games are very widespread and very popular, photo contests on Facebook are very good examples. The recent phenomenon of “selfies” increases the trend of sharing photos on social networks. Beyond its user-friendly and Norway Email List aspect, the photo competition is not easy to implement and does not concern all age categories. Photo sharing and more generally rich media are very popular among 12 to 25 year olds and fade over the ages, with social digital mum obviously being an exception to the rule.

Once your target is defined, it is necessary to create an “ecosystem” around your competition with the key, one or more prizes to be won. When we talk about an ecosystem, we are talking about the platforms on which the game will be available and where it will be possible to create interactions during the playing period. A complete ecosystem is based on the possibility of playing on all media and of associating with it. social networks to create dynamism and exchanges encouraging people to come and participate.


When We Talk About An Ecosystem

In other words, it is necessary, if not essential, that the game be available on Android and iOs (tablet and mobile) and PC. As the competition operates day and night, the real-time dimension must be taken into account and allows the most mobile to participate where and when they want. The social networks dimension helps to bring a flow of participants and to maintain a state of competition between the competitors via a daily report on the progress of the game.


To realize the complexity of a photo contest on the internet, we invite you to get to know the agency’s latest creation: Break Up Photos . The goal is simple, you have to collect the most “likes” or sharing on Facebook for your photo. The game is available on the App Store and the Play store, it is also possible to play via your PC browser. An animation on Facebook is used to promote the game, but also to encourage participants. Operating over several rounds, the state of competition is constantly renewing itself to allow participants to continue to compete.


To Realize The Complexity Of A Photo Contest On The Internet

For an SME wishing to have an e-commerce activity, the realization of a tailor-made solution can quickly turn out to be expensive and not adapted to the latter’s needs. In our case study, we use existing solutions that they just need to connect. It is the “link” between these solutions that must be ensured and mastered. The implementation is therefore faster, the tools being configurable and adaptable. Business point of view : no re-entry task, everything is handled automatically and the synchronization of flows is programmed, the management of the commercial chain is better assured. Software point of view: We use two cutting-edge solutions.

Which are Sage (one of the best ERP in the world) and Prestashop (e-commerce leader in France). Atoo-Sync serves as a bridge that allows data flows to be linked and above all to adapt and personalize them according to the customer’s needs. LIMITS AND AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT The agency noted some limitations during the interfacing of the tools and in this sense, some points need to be improved. Remember that we are trying to link solutions working for a specific business activity, so the limit is not in the synchronization between the tools but in the processing of data. Sage does not allow you to process “combinations” of products.

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