They are small in size, practical, inexpensive, and can be used even without an internet connection. A cheap networking tool, the business card lets you unleash your creativity. Business cards are perfect for start-ups, small businesses, or freelancers. Taking advantage of all your social media platforms is a great idea, but don’t underestimate the power of a  Bhutan Email List card. Here are some great business card design tips that will help you showcase your new business. Carrying business cards with you on the go is an easy way to promote your business offline. Business cards have the advantage of taking up almost no space and being easily carried away. Simple but unforgettable A simple design allows for better readability and greater memorability.

On such a small surface, it is better to avoid making things complicated in order to avoid visual confusion. Do not load the design or the card. Add your logo Add your logo if you have one. If you don’t have one, try an online logo maker . Remember: your logo will be the face of your business and you will be associated with it. Depending on your business card template, your logo should appear either on the top left or top and right of your card. Be careful that its size does not overwhelm your details. Choose a well-readable font Whimsical and “creative” fonts can make your contact details less readable. This is a small piece of paper: make sure the text is readable.


Business Card Design Tips

Add special items Make the most of the empty space on your card by adding a surprising die-cut shape or other ornament that will make your business card unique. Here are some ideas for using that empty space: Raised Lettering – Lettering that pops out will make your business card stand out. This heightens the impression of effort and importance. The professional aspect of a card reflects on the company it represents. Photos – Adding a photo (eg your portrait) can add a personal touch to your business cards. Companies in certain industries (eg real estate) tend to include a photo on their business card. This builds the confidence of potential customers who will spend substantial sums. Loyalty Cards – Add a section about a promotion or business offer to the back of your card.


Your customers will be able to get a dab when they come to you and take advantage of discounts in the future. This works well for industries where competition is tough and businesses need ways to retain customers. Choice of color When creating a logo, remember that it will appear both online and offline. This also applies to your business card. The colors you choose for your business card should match your logo. All-in-one logo and business card maker tools can recommend the best business card template and colors to you based on your logo. Often, one of the colors of your logo will be the color of your business card. Wanting to use more than a single color could load the card and overwhelm its recipient. Go green Use this if your business sells eco-responsible products and services.


Go for an unconventional shape

“Green” or “Recycled Paper” Cards – The presence of the paper recycling symbol on your business card can have a big impact on environmentally conscious people. For more authenticity, you can indicate the composition of the card on the back. Paperless – There are other materials you can use to create attractive business cards. Try wood, plastic, fabric, cardboard, metal, or even recycled rubber. The possibilities for reuse or reconversion are endless. The idea is particularly clever if it matches your products or services. For example, if you are a landscaper and convert materials from your clients’ sites to create your business cards, they will be found to be ingenious and in line with your brand.

This is another aspect of business cards where you can let your creativity flow. Use a shape that represents your company or services. Here again, we are much more inclined to keep a business card that is out of the ordinary. Imagine receiving a business card in the shape of a dog (groomers) or a house (construction). It works on many levels and we like what stands out and catches the eye. You are also more likely to share the map with friends and family, if only to show it off. Dual purpose cards It is a great idea to think of a card that serves another purpose besides promoting your business. Such a card will not be thrown in the trash and your business will be remembered much more easily.

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