We give you some tips to choose the best agency, or at least a good SEO agency. The good SEO of a website is the cornerstone of the success of a digital strategy . Indeed, if your content is not well referenced by search engines, it will be perfectly invisible. Working on your SEO is essential to maximize your online visibility, reach your customers and prospects and develop your business. To improve your SEO, you can hire an SEO agency . Indeed, SEO is a complex subject that requires a good level of expertise and technicality. Many agencies have specialized in SEO. How to navigate and choose the best SEO agency ? how to choose the right SEO agency Defining your needs First and foremost, it is important to clearly define your needs .

What are your priority goals? Would Lesotho Email List like to improve your notoriety? Generate qualified leads? Or boost your online sales? Another central question is that of the keywords and semantic fields on which you want to position yourself. It is quite impossible to appear first in Google’s search results for all keywords. You will need to make choices and determine the most important keywords. You will also have to define the scope of intervention of the referencing agency : is it the optimization of an existing site, the redesign and maintenance of an existing site, the launch of a new site or even a referencing international ?

Need A Boost For Your Site’s Seo?

Once your needs are clearly defined, you can identify a SEO agency capable of supporting you on all of your issues. The criteria for choosing a referral agency Your first instinct might be to choose the agency that appears at the top of Google results. This approach is not very relevant, however. The best SEOs rarely take the time to work on their own SEO ! To choose a referencing agency, we advise you to rely on 6 criteria. The agency’s successes and references During your first contact with an SEO agency, ask to see customer cases with figures. In addition, do not hesitate to take references from current or past clients of the agency. These exchanges will enlighten you on the level of service and customer satisfaction .


The agency’s skills It is also important to check the SEO skills of the agency. Make sure that your objectives are taken into account and that an audit of the existing system is carried out systematically. Also check that the SEO agency covers all aspects of SEO: the study of keywords, the backlinks strategy, the editorial strategy, the technical optimization as well as the monitoring and optimization of your site in the long term. . WORK METHODOLOGY How to Choose the Right SEO Agency – Work Process Ask the referencing agency about its methodology for working with its clients. To avoid any surprises, discuss the work process and the different steps in detail.

Here Are Some Tips For Choosing The Best Agency

In particular, discuss planned interactions with the agency, developers, content producers and other stakeholders. STRATEGIES AND TOOLS USED Take the time to understand the agency’s SEO strategy and the tools used internally . Investigate in particular the methodology for implementing backlinks, the level of editorial support offered, the monitoring of KPIs or the methodology of promotion on known sites. agency integrity Make sure the web agency doesn’t have questionable and unethical black hat SEO practices. These practices include multiple submissions to directories, link farms, duplicating press releases on many sites, etc.

THE PROJECT TEAM Also remember to check who will be your daily contact within the referencing agency. Is this a junior or senior profile? Also ask which experts and consultants you can count on. You will be able to validate the good match with your team and your needs . In conclusion, to choose the right SEO agency , you must first understand the basics of SEO and work on your priority objectives . You can then initiate a discussion with an SEO agency. Take the time to understand how it works and how it works. But above all, before committing yourself and not to make a mistake, study the results obtained by the agency with its clients. It is indeed impossible to offer a result commitment on Google positions . Only the agency’s past performance can confirm its SEO expertise .

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