entrust your editorial production to an in-house person or call on an external service provider. If you choose this second option, you will have to bet on the right partner or the right editorial agency! But on what criteria should you choose them? What services can they offer you? And above all which Saint Helena Email List provider to choose for which type of mission? Are you planning to create a new website or redesign an existing site? As part of your Inbound Marketing strategy , do you need new web content to feed your site? Now is the time to rely on the services of a web editorial agency or a specialized service provider.


Here’s everything you need to know about it … What missions to entrust to a web editorial agency? At each stage of your web project, you are going to need quality support . This is why at first glance, it is important to ask the question about the type of missions that you would like to entrust to a web editorial agency . Among the most common, we have listed 3 services. choose-editorial-agency Defining your content strategy It is not enough to be a fine strategist to know how to define a content strategy . You know your business strategy by heart.

Would You Like To Hire A Web Editorial Agency?

You might even be the one who put it in place. On the other hand, the editorial part of your project calls for very specific knowledge oriented exclusively towards the creation of content and its power of attraction. Your content strategy must imperatively be put in place upstream of your project to maximize its effectiveness. Because, in fact, it brings together a set of peripheral tasks that are directly or indirectly linked to your content: Ergonomic choices graphical charter Technical solutions… To design a relevant, differentiating and targeted content strategy , the web editorial agency will therefore have an essential role in the production of your content and will be able to support you on several missions:

The definition of personas: segments of your target customers. Who are your content for? The implementation of the “buyer journey”: the famous “user journey” which we can no longer do without today and which allows you to strategically guide your visitors to the conversion funnel as soon as they land on your site. Identifying the types of content: in what format should your content appear on your site: blog articles, studies, infographics, videos, downloads, etc.? The definition of value-added themes: what content will interest the personas previously identified? The creation of “brand content”: “the promotion of the product or the brand through” storytelling “and the creation of a universe in its own right” (Source: Marketing Management ) .

But On What Criteria Should You Select It?

The implementation of an editorial architecture: the organization and structuring of content according to their target customers and the objectives to be achieved. The creation of campaigns: the orientation and production of several consecutive supports on a specific theme, the measurement of KPIs and the analysis of the impact … Writing your editorial charter: the creation of this document will guide your editors in a homogeneous production of your content in line with your graphic charter, the values ​​of your company and the editorial style that suits your personas.

Keyword research: the study and analysis of the most relevant keywords suited to your business, goals and research trends. For each editorial content, your keywords must be chosen with care to give them maximum impact and generate exponential traffic … By entrusting your content strategy to a web editorial agency , you will effectively reach your targets by communicating the right message to them and using all SEO optimization techniques . Content creation A serious web editorial agency will have previously recommended that you vary your content as much as possible .

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