For example, an address made up of words with complicated spelling, the format of which would be illogical and which would be dotted with random numbers and symbols in unexpected places. Few would waste their time finding your address. They would move on to the next business on the list and instantly forget about you. Missed opportunity. It might be hard to believe, but it is a mistake that many make when building a website. Understanding how to Greece Email List a domain name for your business can help you: Set your brand apart from the competition Attract new customers to your site Prevent spammer traffic poaching practices If your domain is confusing or too generic, there is a greater chance that your customers will end up on the site of one of your competitors.

Internet users don’t want to spend hours researching your business. Better to make it easier for them, Follow these few tips to choose a domain name that will boost your business. Starting from an existing business name seems logical; however, it’s difficult to get a perfect match these days. The number of domain registrations is growing by about 6.8 percent or 21 million year over year, according to domain and server management company VeriSign . It is important to create a strong brand name for two reasons. Credibility: For years, keyword-stuffed domain names achieved higher positions in search results.


Find The Balance Between Branding And Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

Generic domain names such as or received the greatest number of visitors. However, many of these sites are unreliable and people on the Internet have learned to shy away from them. Longevity: Thanks to improvements in Google’s algorithms, SEO now comes after branding. SEO trends are constantly changing, which means that a keyword-based name that would be effective today could very well have gone down in results significantly within a year. Getting traffic to your website from quality sources is the best way to get good rankings. In the long run, having a brand of trust is the biggest guarantee of your online credibility. Keywords are not everything; however, try to include one when possible.


Large companies have a huge budget to promote their choice of brand and can therefore be more abstract. If you run a small business, you will attract more customers if your domain name describes your business. Beauty Bar is a great brand name. is however a better choice for your domain name. It tells your customers that you are selling makeup and not hair care products or fashion accessories. 2. Use a domain name search tool If you are looking for both a business name and a domain name, narrow your list using a domain search . Enter keywords or values ​​that describe your business to get suggested areas. Keep in mind that you don’t have to restrict your choice of business name to the available urls.


Choose Easy Spelling

You can change one of the two names if necessary to define your brand optimally. Imagine a business that sells pillows, and to a lesser extent, other bedding items. The names Beaux Rêves and Bedding Beaux Rêves are possibilities for the physical store. To have an impact online, the owner can use or as a domain name. These two areas refer to both the product and the values: pillow making and customer satisfaction. 3. Add qualifiers Right now, a host of business owners are setting up their online store. This means that it is likely that 20 other people across the country have a business with the same name as yours. In most cases, it is best not to change the name of your business when it is already having great local success.

Another problem: price. Too often, domain name accumulators buy attractive names and sell them at a high price. If you can’t afford the $ 2,000 for the perfect name, using a slight variation of it will cost you less. Consider the following commonly used modifiers: Names: Include the type of product or solution you are offering. “Savonnerie MillesParfums” can become “Savons” and · Pro Cycling Parts and Equipment ”can become“ ”or“ Vé ” Verbs: Use a simple call to action. Tell customers what you want them to do. The possibilities are endless, for example “ or“ ”. However, use short words to prevent your domain name from being too long. Geographic location: Indicating a specific location can be inconvenient if you are moving.

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