Another notable intervention of Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List  on Facebook groups and their usefulness, in particular for setting up major societal initiatives. 3 leaders of large communities shared their experiences in order to highlight the benefits of these groups, which bring together many people from all walks of life around a common cause. Facebook_like “Women on bicycle”, a Turkish initiative to democratize the use of the bicycle among women Zeynep Arapoglu, first speaker at the conference, spoke about the initiative she has put in place in Turkey to democratize the use of cycling among women. 2 years ago, the idea came from 2 women who cycled in Istanbul and from an observation: there is no or very little infrastructure for bicycles,

and getting around town is proving difficult. because of the traffic which is quite chaotic. The objective was to create a Facebook group to build a female community, to meet and discuss. With the creation of this group, women on bicycles have multiplied across the country, and the community currently numbers over 6,000 members of all ages. In Turkey, women do not know how to get around by bicycle. One of the group’s missions is to organize training sessions, to enable them to learn to pedal thanks to a program organized by volunteers. They also organize “off bikes events”, bike-free meetings where they meet and talk about their experiences and problems of all kinds. Repair sessions are also organized for flat tires, broken chains, etc.

Women On Bicycle”, A Turkish Initiative

From now on, women circulate together but also alone, to show that they exist and to make others aware of the presence of bicycles in the city. This group also frees up the voice of women, who can discuss their religion or their political opinion without being judged. The initiative was noticed by Facebook, which invited Zeynep to the first Facebook Communities Summit Europe held in London last February. The objective: to invite the administrators of large groups to discuss and work on new features to animate their communities. “Wanted community”, the 1st French community based on solidarity and cooperation Christian Delachet, co-founder and responsible for the development of Wanted Community, introduced us to his community, based on solidarity and cooperation.


With nearly a million members, Wanted Community is the 1st Facebook community in France (also in the top 4 in Europe and in the top 150 worldwide according to Facebook, which has recognized it as one of its most influential communities) The motto is clear : “Nothing is solitary, everything is united”. Launched in 2011 with a first group in Paris, the community is currently made up of 41 groups in France (totaling more than 556,000 active members) and is even present internationally. The objective: to bring people together by establishing social cooperation, in particular through mutual aid forums. In terms of the topics covered, there are notably posts concerning:

Wanted Community”, The 1st French Community

Mutual aid and solidarity Job offers Recommendations of places From the purchase / sale between individuals … In Bordeaux, the Wanted community even managed to find a homeless shelter in less than 48 hours, after a member crossed their path. Every month, the community grows without any expense being spent on acquiring members. Word of mouth and the media (Le Monde, Le Parisien, Le Huffington Post, Sud Ouest, etc.) are responsible for promoting the community and its actions. A place of physical life is even about to emerge, including a café in Bordeaux which should open in the coming months. In France, more than 177,000 new members have joined the movement in 9 months.

Facebook also helps administrators with its recommendation and moderation tools, through training programs, calls … The US technical teams of the social network even maintain regular exchanges with the admins, in order to improve the functionality of the group. The development of communities has been an important objective on the road map of the social network for a year. “Run Eco Team”, a network of runners who collect waste all over the world Antoine Tresse, co-founder and responsible for the development of Run Eco Team is the last speaker to tell us about his community.

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