But do you really know how the Google search engine works? Online visibility has become a major issue, with a priority objective for many companies: better Google SEO . A good Google SEO considerably increases the number of visits to a website. Indeed, the first page of Google results Mozambique Email List captures 95% of clicks linked to a search. The following pages only account for 5% of the traffic. To improve your positioning, it is essential to understand how a search engine like Google works . We explain the fundamentals, the basic rules of SEO optimization and why a comprehensive web strategy is essential. how-the-google-search-engine-works How Google works: what we know


he functioning of Google is based on the principle of a gigantic database, fed and constantly updated by a robot. The robot analyzes the web and indexes the pages found , moving from one page to another by following the links contained in each page. For each page, Google adds to its database the address of the page, the content of the page (title, text, meta tags, descriptions of images, etc.) and links going to other pages. It is this indexing that feeds the results displayed by the search engine.

But Do We Really Know How This Search Engine Works?

The Google algorithm to rank pages in response to a request is kept secret and is constantly evolving. More than 200 parameters would be taken into account. However, we know that Google’s main criteria are: All the words contained on the page, their context and their position: Google uses these elements to determine the relevance of the page in relation to the words used in searches . The number of links pointing to this page : a significant number of links indicates to Google that it is a reference page. The text of the pages pointing to this page : The content of the pages that link to the page also influences the relevance rating.

Optimizing your SEO: the basic rules Keywords Finding the right keywords is important, so think about the relevance and recurrence of the keywords. The more the keyword is repeated, the more the page will be considered by Google as relevant to that word. If the keyword is placed in the title or at the very beginning of the page, it will also be taken into account more. Also consider using synonyms for this word. It is more difficult to optimize your SEO for short, generic keywords. Less used words and longer keyword combinations can help you generate traffic . This is called the long tail . The links Links pointing to your page help boost your Google SEO.

Every Day We Use The Google Search Engine

Work on your internal and external links (netlinking). The quality of the pages from which the links come is decisive (Page Rank). The more the page that points to your page is considered a referring page, the greater the impact on your SEO will be. However, you have to keep in mind that Google is smart and capable of detecting gross SEO strategies, such as keyword stuffing. Google seeks above all to offer relevant content to its users and provide them with search results that meet their expectations. As such, Google is configured to prioritize quality content .

A global web strategy: delivering results If Google plays an important role for online strategies, it is not an end in itself. Your content must above all meet the needs of your users and highlight your value proposition. This is not about writing for Google, but about writing for your users with Google in mind. A comprehensive web strategy is essential to achieve your goals. This strategy must place your user at the heart of the process. Take into account the evolution of uses. More and more users are “mobile first” and some, like Millennials, “mobile only”. Your site must be responsive and optimized for mobile . Google also indexes the mobile version of the pages as a priority. Stay on top of innovations and adopt new formats to stand out, such as video, snippets or zero position .

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