optimization is essential for your website? It allows you to ensure visibility by as many people as possible on search engines and thus obtain more traffic on your site. So, do you want to build a healthy and sustainable SEO strategy? You made the right choice! Let’s see how it works … The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital strategy that includes all practices to position the site in the top search engines . When we know that 97% of web experiences start with a search engine, we understand the importance of working on your SEO strategy . Contrary to popular belief, this also applies to BtoB companies: BtoB marketers with blogs register 67% more prospects! Do you want to set up an effective SEO strategy ?

Follow the guide and build Moldova Email List SEO strategy step by step. seo-tools SEO, the heart of your SEO strategy The purpose of search engines is to catalog all the content present on the web in order to offer Internet users those that best meet their expectations. In order to reference all this content, search engines, like Google , use robots which will come and “scan ” the pages: they will browse a page, retrieve all the information and visit the links present in the page in order to navigate from there. one page to another. Once the pages are listed, it is for them to index them, that is to say to define the subject of the page. In order for your content to be considered

Optimization Is Essential For Your Site?

THE best answer by search engines, you must respect a few rules that must be part of an overall SEO strategy. The steps to follow for an effective SEO strategy DEFINE YOUR TARGETS AND THEIR PURCHASING PATHS Before carrying out your keyword research, it is essential to know who you are talking to. The first step of the SEO strategy is therefore to define: his buyer personas : Who is my target? What are their expectations, their needs? What issues does she encounter on a daily basis? What vocabulary does she use (it may be different from your expert vocabulary)? their buyer journey : it is the process by which all customers discover their needs, consider and evaluate different solutions, and make the decision to buy a new product or service to meet them.


It is therefore necessary, for each of these stages, to offer the visitor suitable content. For each step (discovery, consideration and decision) ask yourself what type of content is most likely to interest your target. Diagram showing the different stages of a buyer journey PRODUCE RELEVANT CONTENT FOR YOUR SEO STRATEGY A relevant content is what in the case of an SEO strategy ? It is content that meets the expectations and issues of the visitor when they need it most. Keep in mind that Internet users are bombarded with information, advertisements, emails, the vast majority of which are not of interest to them. Your content must make the difference !

Do You Know That Seo

Write something worth reading by your target audience. To produce relevant content and thus define an effective SEO strategy , start by choosing the right keywords to target, the keywords that your audience is likely to use in their research. Note that it is important to position 1 main keyword, and only one, per page or you risk upsetting the search engines. Also remember to check the relevance of your keywords. It is then a question of studying the search trends, the volume of requests (the potential traffic to be recovered), the competition on the keyword and therefore the difficulty in positioning yourself. Go deeper into the subject by listing all the keywords from the same semantic field as your main keyword.

If your main keyword is “advertising print”, the keywords “prospectus” or “flyer” will come in handy. And finally, also consider turning to “long tail” keywords, less popular of course, but also less competitive. It is easier to position yourself on a keyword such as “family trip to the sun” than on “trip”. Search engines interpret search intentions more than keywords. If you type “yellow farm animal”, Google offers you pages that talk about chicks when you did not enter “chick” in your search. And if you don’t have the internal resources to produce your content, rely on an editorial agency.

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