Facebook has been in turmoil Taiwan WhatsApp Number List  weekend after The Observer’s revelations on the use of Facebook data illegally collected for electoral purposes. Third-party company Cambridge Analytica is said to have collected and shared personal information from 50 million Facebook accounts … without users’ consent. This data has been used for the purpose of micro-targeting in order to influence users to vote Trump, or to support Brexit. Information illegally collected on Facebook in 2014 was used for ultra-targeted advertising. Facebook has since confirmed this massive data leak, without being able to do anything when it was collected. The company discovered this illegal use of the data and requested the removal of the app and destruction of the data in 2016. This data was obviously not deleted,

but served as the basis for the online targeting campaign by the Trump team. The way the data was collected is particularly insidious. Users were paid to participate in a university study posing as a personality test via a “thisisyourdigitallife” app. The app created by Global Science Research and Cambridge Analytica has been downloaded by 270,000 people. The application allowed the Cambridge Analytica team to have access to users’ Facebook information, but also to that of their friends. Data collection complies with Facebook rules, but its resale and use by Cambridge Analytica was completely prohibited. The collection of data from friends of users is also prohibited by Facebook. Here again

Facebook Has Been In Turmoil Since This Weekend

This information shows once again that the politicians use the data available on the platforms with a very relative ethics… The Russian authorities have as a reminder very widely used the advertising tools of Twitter and Facebook in order to orient the elections. Even if these practices were “legal”, they show that the various electoral commissions have very little visibility on what is done on the web and on the platforms. More than two after the fact, Facebook announced that it was suspending the various players concerned and that the rules for data collection were now stricter. But this new scandal is expected to lead to tougher rules regarding the use of data for political purposes.


By updating Snapchat, you will also access the scissors (to copy / paste a piece of snap) and the integration of Shazam. November 2016: lenses in augmented reality Snapchat proves, once again, its lead in the field of augmented reality. Filters called “Word Lenses” allow you to add elements to the environment around you. October 2016: the end of automatic reading of stories Previously, stories were read one after the other on Snapchat. As of this October update, it’s over! Now, you have to tap on each friend’s profile picture in the stories and click on the “Play

Information Illegally Collected On Facebook

button to view all the stories in a row. September 2016: update of the Snapchat T & Cs The application has updated its general conditions of use. Objective: to change the name of the company, which has become Snap Inc., to force Internet users to use Memories and to introduce new options related to advertising. We will soon be able to target you based on your email, remember to check your settings if you do not want to be found this way by brands! September 2016: launch of Snapchat Discover in France It was expected, it is now done!

Video calls improve on Messenger On the occasion of his Parisian week, the director of Messenger David Marcus announced in preview the new functionalities of the application. June 2017: 5 new tools for group administrators After the very first summit dedicated to communities, Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of new tools for group administrators. June 2017: GIF celebrates its 30th anniversary and lands in Facebook comments Starting today, users can use GIFs to respond to a Facebook post. A new GIF button is present to the right of the Comment field. June 2017: Target the Internet users most likely to consume within seven days Facebook offers two new advertising options,

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