Co-design The effectiveness of a digital device is directly linked to its implementation process . The social dimension must not be ruled out: end users must be called upon and included at each stage of the realization of the project intended for them. We then speak of co-design .

Obviously, co-design is Georgia Phone Numbers List when it comes to ensuring that you provide your target audience with the most satisfying overall user experience . With workshops (Design thinking) The co-design (or co-design ) incorporates a key concept: the cooperation ! This approach involves pooling experiences and expertise. Sharing insights, comparing ideas, building together the most relevant solution … this is what we expect from a co-design workshop .

The customer brings business knowledge , taking into account the reality on the ground, while the service provider, the digital expert, is a force for proposing the appropriate system. The notion of a co-design workshop is closely linked to that of Design Thinking . This methodology revolves around a real interest in understanding the people for whom the product or service is being designed.

To Perform An Action As Smoothly As Possible

It is : develop empathy for target users, define and understand who the users are and what they expect, identify the problems they may encounter in the use of the product / service, make hypotheses and question them, innovate, prototype , test ! A good practice of design thinking involves continuous experimentation : prototyping, testing concepts and ideas, modifying if necessary, re-testing … until the goal is total user satisfaction.


With users You have understood it: the user is at the heart of the process! So, if you plan to embark on a co-design process, you absolutely must include your users. Limiting co-design to your internal resources effectively allows you to benefit from the expertise and digital knowledge of your employees, but you risk missing out on a lot of information that only your users can reveal to you . Information architecture The quality of the UX on a website depends in particular on the way in which the information is structured: the information architecture .

It is about putting in place the information, organizing it, so that it is easy for the user to understand. You also have to anticipate the needs of target users to provide them with key information where they expect to find it. Among the elements essential to a good information architecture, we find: the actual organization of content , the navigation , the terminology and labels : menus, page titles, descriptions links … must be consistently named to entice the user to browse the website.

The Solutions / Options Are Numerous

The objective is to group them together to shape a natural and relevant tree structure . The sorting of cards can be: closed , with a batch of cards to be sorted without the possibility of modifying them, open , where participants can define the labels of the grouping categories themselves, hybrid with predefined labels but the possibility of modifying them. ux workshop – card sorting UX design patterns and prototyping In UX design, we avoid reinventing the wheel with each project. Why ? Because we know what works and what doesn’t.

No need to waste time during the prototyping stage to recreate the navigation tools, forms, etc. each time. Thus the UX designer uses UX design patterns to design practical solutions to commonly encountered interface problems. They are simply reusable solutions to overcome common usability issues . The most creative designers have led several attempts to innovate in UX design on navigation tools, menus, content sharing …

Although these elements are often very aesthetic, they are rejected by users because it is not what they expect. A design that deviates too much from conventions forces the user to spend more time understanding how to use the interface . With a more conventional design, the user immediately understands how to interact with the different elements of the website. User tests Very few companies perform user testing , and believe us, this is a big mistake! What does a user test consist of ?

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