Visuals on social networks are very important, but each social network has its specificities and rules to follow which does not always make the task easier. The sizes of the images and videos in your posts are different depending on the platform you are using. The same goes for social ads where there are many different formats, sizes and locations. With Israel Email List ads , social networks offer companies and brands many opportunities: gain visibility and notoriety, facilitate conversions, generate leads … These advertisements allow you to target your audience and capture their attention with dynamic and aesthetic visuals . As with the visuals of your publications, many formats exist for advertising on social networks.

Do you want to know everything about these social ads formats? Look no further, this article is for you! So quickly bookmark this page to save time and follow this guide when creating your advertising visuals for your social media campaigns. Don’t have the time to manage and optimize your social ads campaigns? Save time and boost your performance by going through an agency. ID Interactive supports you in the creation and distribution of your social ads. Need to know more ? Contact us by requesting your free digital marketing strategy quote , we will get back to you within 48 hours. facebook ad formats The Facebook feed, also known as the news feed, features news and posts from friends, pages, groups, and advertisers.


Facebook Image Sizes And Ad Formats

The advertising images in this Facebook feed help attract visitors to a website or application with one or more attractive visuals. This format is ideal if you want to showcase your products, services or brand. Here are some recommendations in the design of your visuals and your advertising on the Facebook feed But it will also be necessary to pay particular attention to the SEO optimization of this content. To gain visibility, it is essential to choose the right keywords (relevant and sought after). But also to prioritize your content with Hn tags and create links with the other pages of your website to facilitate its internal networking and thus optimize its natural referencing . CONTENT THAT IS PLEASANT TO READ Do not neglect the layout in your articles.


Make your targets easier to read by airing your text, embellishing it with illustrations of your expertise and photographs. Readable text with the important ideas of your content highlighted will be easier to read and look better than a sloppy layout. SHARE THE CONTENT ON YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS Is your article published and optimized for SEO accordingly? Great ! All you have to do is distribute it on social networks to increase its visibility. Make it easy to share your content on social networks with share buttons. You will thus give the possibility to your readers to share and communicate on your content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, without moderation.


Advertising Images And Ad Formats In The Facebook Feed

Let’s discuss your content marketing strategy In conclusion, there are many reasons for creating a blog on your website: reinforcement of the natural referencing strategy, gain visibility, inform your audience, demonstrate your expertise in your field and above all facilitate conversions! Creating a blog (strategy, content, ergonomics, etc.) takes time. So do not hesitate to discuss your project with an agency, but also to outsource the writing of your blog articles. This approach will allow you to obtain content prepared by SEO experts and to focus on your business. Are you thinking about the creation of your blog and its content and you want to discuss your content marketing strategy? Request your webmarketing quote now! We will send you a detailed and personalized proposal according to your needs.

The logo and navigation elements must be on all pages in the same place. Applying a uniform graphic charter to all pages helps the user to navigate and ensure that they are always on the same website. For the ergonomics of your website, make the best use of colors and shapes to highlight certain features on all pages (request for a quote, making an appointment, reservation, etc.). For the ergonomics of your website, make the best use of colors and shapes to highlight these essential features.

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