It’s the equivalent of giving the brick-and-mortar store a fresh coat of paint and some new lighting, but keeping the same products and locations. For domain name changes, the opposite is true. The site design and content remained the same, but the domain name — the first part of the URL or online “address” — changed. For example, becomes . However, the URL path after the domain name remains the same. So, becomes To better understand what’s involved in domain name changes, let’s look at the role of URLs and domain names.

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Quick Start for URLs and Domains While a domain name is a commonly understood name for a website, a URL is the web address of a specific page on your website. Your web browser uses the URL to fetch the page Egypt Phone Number your favorite brand’s web server. This is a virtual version of a physical address. For example, /ankle-boots is the URL or exact address of the ankle boots collection page on. The domain name If the owner of wants to move their website to , this is equivalent to changing their business name and address.

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They have to be careful not to lose sales due to organic traffic, as many issues can arise during the site migration process. What can go wrong during a site migration? everything. Just like moving in the real world, a website “moving” to another virtual address can present a lot of problems. This is a shortlist of potential pitfalls for an incorrect transition to a new domain name. You may lose the benefits of old domain links. When someone links to your site—think guest posts, product reviews, social media shares, and moresearch engines see these links as an endorsement of your site and content.

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