In my interview with Hallam, managing director Jake Third said, “We can teach skills, but we can’t teach character, personality and willingness to learn.” From an early stage, I realized that Hallam’s values ​​are absolutely UAE Phone Number critical in the hiring process. One of them is to ensure cultural fit. I felt this from my first phone call with my current manager, Siobhan Congreve . It felt right then, and it feels right now.

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yourself – no one will do it for you “Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet, no one will do it for you” – this is the advice my dad has given me for years. It wasn’t until now that I was older that I started to UAE Phone Number embrace it. I’ve never been a confident person. The idea of ​​showing how smart I am is an uncomfortable prospect and one that I work very hard at. The idea of ​​writing this article took some getting used to. But my dad is right, I don’t do it, who will do it? It’s up to me to show what I can offer employers and who I am.

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If I didn’t take this advice, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post. As uncomfortable as it may seem, you need to take charge and create your own luck. Put yourself out there, craft a creative resume, and UAE Phone Number do something different to show who you are and why employers want you to be on their team. final thoughts Granted, this post was more personal than initially anticipated, but I felt it was important to be open and honest about my emotions as I worked my way through graduation.

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