To attract crowds to their websites, the Gambia Email List  are multiplying the sources of traffic. We are trying to optimize content for search engines and social networks, while trying to work on our notoriety to maximize direct traffic. Among all traffic sources, the Google News engine is one of the most popular. It allows to generate significant traffic from the moment an article is selected on the engine. Despite the significant contribution of traffic via Google News, some media are complaining about Google News, in France as elsewhere. They would even like to charge the American giant for the SEO of their articles. This schizophrenic attitude has “borne fruit” in Spain: the Government has passed a law which will oblige Google to pay the media, from January 2015, when their articles will be referenced on Google News. The Mountain View firm’s response was obvious and did not take long

Google Actualtiés will close its doors in Spain on December 16. google-news-spain Google explains in a press release the reasons for this decision. And it’s quite simple: his Google News service does not earn him any money. No advertising is displayed on the service. Providing this type of tool for free has a significant cost, and having to pay a royalty to reference the media was too much. We will see in the coming weeks if the Spanish media react to this decision and what the impact will be in terms of traffic. But many risk being impacted by the closure of Google News in Spain, the media as well as Internet users.On its official blog and on its blog dedicated to design , Google has just presented its new logo.

The Tools

The colors have been lightened and the typography used is new. Here is the new Google logo. logo-google-gif Large companies rarely change their logo, even in the digital sector. In recent weeks, a new Facebook logo has been online on the social network. But the difference with the old logo is not obvious and the blue has not changed. Google has meanwhile decided to lighten its favorite colors and the typography has been completely revised. The letters are also wider than before. The Alphabet subsidiary took the opportunity to present a new “G” logo as well as a new animation for transitions (loading time, etc.). logo-g logo-dots This new Google logo is only the sixth logo since the launch of Google in 1998.


A new logo had been designed in 1998, then a new one the following year. It was not until 2010 that Google offered itself a fourth logo, before presenting the fifth in 2013. This video summarizes the evolution of Google logos. Google is taking advantage of this new logo to review all the “G” and “Google” logos present in the other applications. So don’t be surprised if, in addition to the search engine logo, you spot a new Google logo on Google Maps or Google+ for example. To learn more about this new logo, you can read the exciting explanations of Google designers on their blog .Google launches News Lab : a website that brings together resources for journalists. Google tools are presented as well as tutorials to use all their features. google-newslab


The tools Google offers professional tools to find, format, distribute and optimize content on the web. These 4 product families can be found on the News Lab. The most useful features for journalists and those who produce content on the web are presented: how to use advanced search , find the source of an image , access the Google News archives, etc. Tutorials Each possibility is illustrated (didactic texts, illustrative GIFs, video tutorial, etc.). Thanks to the Google News Lab, you can for example learn to ” tell a story with a map” . The tutorial lasts 10 minutes. You learn how to create a map via Google My Maps, import data, personalize your map and integrate

your map on a website. It’s very factual and every possibility offered by Google tools is presented in this way. The data Google has also just announced the overhaul of the Google Trends tool . Now, data can be explored in real time ( over 100 billion searches per month ). The home page has also been redesigned and gives pride of place to “stories”. Data will also be posted on the Github page of the Google News Lab . Google also highlights the innovative uses of its data by journalists . One more resource to prove to colleagues the possibilities offered by Google data and tools. French companies represent 5% of global valuations. Valuation: the top 500 brands in 2018 Here are the top 100 companies in the valuation rankings.

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