Knowing how to code, or having Nigeria WhatsApp Number List  notions in a language, tends to become a skill highly appreciated, whether for professional or everyday use. Google’s Area 120 incubator offers an app available now on iOS and Android , Grasshopper, to learn mobile development. JavaScript for Dummies Adapted in a fun format, Grasshopper aims to teach adults the basics of JavaScript, a common language in website development, through short exercises, puzzles and other quizzes. The application has already been installed by 100,000 users within 3 days of going online. To play with Grasshopper, you will simply have to connect your Google account to the application. It is aimed at both great beginners and people who already have some knowledge.

The player has a code editor in which he can suggest elements, observe reactions, and understand the logic of the language. Grasshopper will ask you how many times you want to use the app to learn code, and set up an alert to remind you of your lesson sessions.The search for ads is well underway in browsers and the adblocker market is in excellent health. So healthy that some have embarked on creating fake ad blockers, including the installation of malware. Extensions very well placed in searches More than 20 million Google Chrome users have installed bogus adblocker extensions through the Chrome Web Store.

Javascript For Dummies

Why ? Because they were extremely well positioned in the store’s searches, thus misleading Internet users about their reliability. The magazine AdGuard, at the origin of this discovery , indicates that these extensions collect user data on the sites visited via hidden scripts, and can go as far as modifying the behavior of the browser: “This is a botnet consisting of browsers infected with bogus adblock extensions. The browser will do what the owner of the command center server tells it to do, ”says AdGuard. Chrome’s moderation called into question In all, the site has spotted 5 fake Ad Block extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Here is the list:


AdRemover for Google Chrome with over 10 million users uBlock Plus with over 8 million users Adblock Pro with over 2 million users HD for YouTube 400,000 users Webutation 30,000 users AdGuard thus points to the lack of responsiveness of the moderation of the browser store, installed by more than a billion Internet users. “The only way to fight this stuff is to file a trademark violation abuse with Google, and it takes them a few days to remove a clone,” laments the author of the article. Concluding its revelation, the AdGuard article attempts to educate Internet users about their searches on the Chrome Web Store and invites them to “check who is the author of [an] extension

Extensions Very Well Placed In Searches

Do not install it if its author does not seem trustworthy to you. Note that at some point the extension may also be sold to a third party, and who knows what to do with it. “.To go further, we advise you to read the very complete article by The Verge , which goes into detail on Google’s strategy to unify its messaging services and bring together manufacturers and operators around a common standard.For Parisian profiles, the interest lies in being able to continue working on exciting projects, in rapidly evolving ecosystems, with good prospects for development … All in a quality living environment that reconciles personal fulfillment and job satisfaction!

make sure you’ve emptied your mailbox. The advantages of Nuzzel: Nuzzel allows you to use Twitter for monitoring and to access the best content published on the social network, without the noise. You can also set up notifications, handy for breaking news! Cons of Nuzzel: The tool would be even more efficient if we could choose precisely the time frame analyzed. BDM advice: do not hesitate to use lists on Twitter, you will find them directly on Nuzzel. And follow us: A presentation of companies will take place, they will discuss their needs with students for next year on Bac +3 and +5.

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