The event is a world first: Google Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List  location, the Digital Workshop in Rennes, to support the digital training courses it offers to the general public, professionals and students. The Mountain View giant announces that it has already provided 230,000 French people to its virtual or face-to-face courses for 6 years. He will now be able to do so in a dedicated place of 200 m², Rue de la Monnaie, from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm. Launched in Rennes, the program will be extended to 3 other cities in France by the end of the year. The inauguration of the premises was an opportunity for the stakeholders to express themselves: Nathalie Appéré (Mayor of Rennes), Emmanuel Couet (President of Rennes Métropole),

Florian Bachelier (Member of the 8th district of Ille-et- Ugly), A place open to all The desire of the Digital Workshop is to be open to everyone, according to Mélanie Morin, site manager: “ The Digital Workshop is a space for exchange and learning. It is completely free and open to everyone: students, job seekers, professionals, seniors, parents, children… Everyone has their place, whatever their knowledge and needs. There are several formats that each correspond to a dedicated space in the Atelier: a discovery and innovation space that will host local start-ups, a conference space, a practical workshop room and a space dedicated to meetings. individual with Google coaches . ” Some workshops will be aimed more at professionals with business themes, others will seek to popularize digital culture, conferences will also be given on topics more general public.

A Place Open To All

Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays will be open to everyone without registration, so you can go there without making a reservation. A team of 6 Google coaches will be present to bring the place to life and welcome the public. Rennes, a city that makes sense The choice of Rennes seems to be logical, the French Tech ecosystem being particularly active in the city and the high tech companies being numerous there. Emmanuel Couet, President of Rennes Métropole, thus recalls Rennes’ role as a pioneer in open data: “ Rennes has a long history with data. We are the first territory producing urban data to have shared it, almost 10 years ago. We are also the first territory to have set up a metropolitan public data service, considering that we have a role of production, sharing and protection of the data produced.


Nathalie Appéré, Mayor of Rennes, recalls in her speech that Rennes did not wait for this inauguration to get involved in digital: “ it is a new brick that Google is bringing to our desire for digital inclusion. Google has chosen a territory that is characterized by its digital ecosystem. Our employment and economic development strategy is based on the digital issue. Not only digital companies as such, but also all companies in the digitalization phase. ” A local ecosystem involved The whole of Rennes has been called upon to contribute through numerous partnerships. Nearly 20 structures have joined the project: the City of Rennes, Rennes Métropole, the CCIs of Brittany and Ille-et-Vilaine, Pôle Emploi

Rennes, A City That Makes Sense

French Tech, the E- associations. mma and WeTechCare, ticket for change or Digital Generation. Several private players are also involved: SoLocal and Mediaveille. The contribution will be multiple, according to Olivier Méril, founder of the digital strategy consulting agency, and not focused only on these new premises: “ We will provide several experts from the company but also our premises for certain training courses. Our interventions will therefore be divided between the two places. I am committed to having an open company, so that people can discover what a business looks like on a daily basis. ” With interest in the target audience always in sight:” The first reason not to learn digital technology is fear. It is these brakes that must be removed, both on the side of business leaders and employees. Digital is constantly evolving, once these barriers are lifted, it is possible to evolve easily. ”

, Education, a responsibility of Google Why such an investment from Google? This desire is based, according to the Director General France Sébastien Missoffe, on the sense of responsibility of the American giant: ” 50 million French people use our services every month and in particular our search engine, we have a responsibility as a gateway on the Internet. We take this role very seriously. We are convinced that we must be actors in the subject of training, not wait for such and such an institution to do it, but rather that we must do it all together. The impact for Google will be in the long term, better use of all these tools will contribute to the ecosystem in general. ” On the difficult question of the place taken by Google on a subject of public interest, the Mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré is clear:

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