Case in point: Women’s pants come in a variety of styles – leggings, wide-leg pants, straight-leg pants, etc. Here we see Nordstrom and Macy’s targeting the keyword high waist in their collection pages. Very specific, right? But that’s only part of the picture. A more common buzzword for this style is high- waisted pants . It’s not just a buzzword. The search volume numbers show that it is also a popular search term. The average monthly search volume for high- waisted pants is 1,600, while the average monthly search volume for high waisted pants is 33,100.

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Both of these search terms are specific  great for driving qualified Thailand Phone Number buyers to the site. But one target is a larger group of shoppers. This means that Nordstrom and Macy’s are limiting their traffic and therefore sales opportunities because of the keywords they choose. 3 Simple Keyword Updates to Kick Off Your SEO Efforts Now that you have a better understanding of how customers search for your products, what’s next? Now is the time to optimize your website content to attract qualified buyers.

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Focus on optimizing these three areas: page title page copy meta description Using multiple relevant, high-value keywords to explain the product features at these key points will improve your product page’s ability to (1) appear in search results (2) attract users who are searching for a specific product. Page Titles – The Internet’s Road Sign Even though we focus on titles for collection pages and product pages, these guidelines apply to titles of any page on your site. There are four components to building a high-impact headline: Keyword Placement: Put your high-value keywords first in the title, followed by less important (but still relevant!) keywords.

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