Two weeks ago, the images of the Mexico WhatsApp Number List  Gmail were leaked. They are now accompanied by an official announcement from Google. The giant confirms the arrival of “major improvements” for its email client, as of today. To access the new version of Gmail, all you have to do is click on the small cogwheel (top right). In the menu, a link allows you to activate it. New features are coming Google is generous with the presentation of new features and the new design of Gmail. Many images and GIFs adorn the ad. These new updates are available today in the web version of Gmail. Some will arrive within a few weeks. To activate them, you will have to go to the Settings menu and select ”

Try the new Gmail”. If you are not satisfied with this version, it is always possible to go back to classic Gmail. Easy access to attachments Among the new features, it will now be possible to click and open attachments from the inbox without having to open the email to which they are attached. Snooze, to put an email on hold A “Snooze” function has also been added to set a reminder of incoming mail if you do not have time to open them right away. Gmail also invites you to follow and respond to messages with quick reminders alongside your emails, to help make sure nothing goes through the cracks. Suggested answers on Gmail The Smart Reply function is now integrated on the web version.

New Features Are Coming

It allows you to quickly respond to emails with pre-written messages (yes Gmail reads the content of your emails.). Priority mobile notifications On mobile, priority notifications can be set up for important messages. Easily unsubscribe from newsletters Gmail will also be able to suggest that you unsubscribe from newsletters with which you do not or no longer interact. More security on Gmail An alert will also notify you when you receive potentially dangerous messages. More privacy on Gmail A new confidential mode allows you to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages, useful when you need to send sensitive information by email, like a tax return or your social security number. You can also make a message expire after a set period to help you maintain control of your information.


Technically, it is a file that references the name of the last published articles, the corresponding links, even the illustration images, the content or an excerpt. To read these feeds, you need to use a tool like Feedly . Feedly is the worthy heir of Google Reader. You can create categories, search for feeds and add them manually (by copying and pasting the feed URL). . The advantages of Feedly: you will have access to all the articles of the sites you follow. Several displays, more or less dense and more or less illustrated, allow you to create an interface to your taste and adapted to the number of flows you follow. The “Today” feature is excellent for scanning your day before relatively quickly.

Easy Access To Attachments

Cons of Feedly: New users are limited to 100 free version feeds (old ones are not limited). The job of finding RSS feeds is tedious because you have to go to any site you want and find their feeds. You may encounter significant noise. BDM advice: Use a tool like Feedly Subscribe Button to easily find feeds. On some sites, thematic feeds exist (by subject), which is sometimes more relevant. Remember to update your feeds regularly, adding new sources and removing feeds that don’t interest you. This is very important to maintain a “healthy” flow. If you don’t like Feedly too much, you can try Inoreader , a popular alternative. And of course, don’t forget to add the Moderator’s Blog in your source. The URL of our feed: Flipboard, to organize your watch quickly

As we have seen, RSS feeds have some very interesting advantages, but often they are not enough. The perfect companion to the RSS reader is Flipboard, without a doubt. It is a mobile-first tool (first designed for mobile, but also available on the web) to track the information that interests us. On Flipboard, several tracking methods are available. The subjects (themes), the magazines (designed automatically or manually and the publishers (media). The advantages of Flipboard: the setup is much faster than Feedly. To get started, you can just follow whatever topics you want. This is great for quickly building a custom monitoring application. The algorithm is very powerful, it allows you to access information that is always very relevant. Unlike RSS feeds, you are not in a vacuum: new sources are added regularly


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