Creating qualified content, you’ve San Marino Email List  obviously heard of it, but involving your collaborators in this content, surely not. However, it is the whole principle of employee advocacy that affects companies’ e-reputation! At the heart of Inbound Marketing France, Bertrand Barbet, Co-founder of Limber and Kévin Nayraguet, social media manager for Europe at Ramsay Santé, took the time to explain how awareness programs intended to mobilize and empower employees are a pledge of e-reputation on social media! Employee advocacy gives employees a voice! What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy contributes to changing the attitude of companies towards the use of social media by their employees , a strength for their brand. From this observation, awareness programs have emerged

consisting of encouraging employees to participate in efforts to communicate and share corporate content on their social networks . The next big trend in social media, more and more companies are actively seeking platforms that will help them manage this change intelligently. And that’s all Limber’s business! Limber, the employee engagement accelerator Bertrand Barbet makes a statement: 78% of Internet users trust information from a peer more than a brand 75% of B2B buyers use social networks as a purchasing engine 92% of B2B marketers use content marketing,

Employee Advocacy Gives

but 60% of them struggle to create content regularly . It is in this context of employee empowerment and investment in their brand that Bertrand Barbet created Limber. This platform allows companies to deploy their digital content on social networks by relaying their employees , partners or even subsidiaries. A French actor, Limber is evolving today with the idea of ​​enhancing and better exploiting content by mobilizing all business stakeholders , through an all-in-one platform. Indeed, this solution wanted to standardize its actions and its tools to compensate for the loss of productivity linked to the addition of tools, in search of a globalized marketing approach. Limber: content marketing application This platform is part of a proactive and profitable approach with 3 strategic axes: The content marketing to create own media companies The mobilization of all stakeholders to increase the organic visibility of companies tenfold


The social selling which helps to identify business opportunities Business content is then supported, deployed, amplified and measured, serving clear business objectives, as was the case for Ramsay Santé. Do not hesitate to listen to the podcast of this masterclass again to learn more about the services offered by Limber Use Case: the 60 Ramsay Santé ambassadors at the heart of a collaborative ecosystemRamsay Santé increases its notoriety thanks to its employees Despite a low profile, Ramsay Santé is today one of the European leaders in global patient care , thanks to 36,000 employees and 8,600 practitioners. During the last 5 years, the group has based its new strategy on 4 axes: Digitalization

Limber, The Employee Engagement Accelerator

transforming the patient experience Optimization : capitalizing on the Group’s strengths Innovation : deploying a versatile healthcare offer Talent : recruiting and retaining the talents of tomorrow For e-reputation and employee empowerment purposes, the group has chosen Limber as a new partner to transform its employees into ambassadors and contribute to the success of these 4 strategic pillars. The Ramsay Santé and Limber adventure, serving enhanced and enhanced content “The visibility of all employees can be useful to a company thanks to the ambassador program”: this is the idea that made this alliance a success. A strategic social media axis Bertrand Barbet, founder of Limber

have initiated a new communication strategy both corporate and linked to Ramsay Santé establishments , which have a certain notoriety. A strategy serving 3 objectives Create and convey a real brand image , in order to provide individuals with the care, communication and information habits of Ramsay Santé, in each establishment. Defend the reputation and notoriety of establishments , by creating content for social networks and other media thanks to practical cases of practitioners, medical innovations and portraits of employees.

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