It should also have a positive impact on its functionality and usability – probably the most important tenets of UX design. Color is a tool that helps web designers make the entire process of using a website simple and intuitive by drawing the user’s attention to the most important objects and optimizing the interface. Converting your visitors will go much more smoothly if you manage to choose colors that not only look great on your website but also improve its usability. Mix different colors of paint Adjust colors for color blindness Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the inability to distinguish certain colors. About 8.5% of the world’s population is colorblind.

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Unless your website provides enough usability for these people, you will miss out on a lot of potential conversions. The most common form of color blindness affects people’s ability to discern the difference between red and green. The best way to avoid Panama Phone Number related to this phenomenon is to not use this color combination, especially when it hurts usability (for example, color indications for required fields in the registration form). Additionally, color should not be used as a single visual tool for the following purposes: exchange information; calls for action and responses; Highlight key visual elements.

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Think about how you’re going to structure your presentation and what sort of slide sequence will work best in terms of conveying information. Consider presenting in the form of a story. People love stories of all kinds, as long as they’re relevant and have a promising introduction. The more dynamic and engaging your story is, the more people you will attract. You can use one of the following techniques: Ask questions and provide immediate answers; Asking contradictory questions and elaborating on them by presenting constructive arguments from different perspectives; Introduce fictional characters and tell their stories to amplify your message; Embeds clear narrative lines with unpredictable twists and more.

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