In the consulting and auditing Vietnam Email List  sector, a few companies share most of the market. They must compete in ingenuity to convince clients but also to stand out to attract the best talent. PwC is launching today a virtual reality video called “Get on board with PwC” which is aimed particularly at young graduates and experienced young people. To learn more about this approach, we met with Virginie Groussard, Recruitment Director of PwC. A format suitable for younger generations … This video is not PwC’s first employer brand initiative: the firm launched an escape game in 2016 ( Out of the box ) and is implementing a global strategy to attract young graduates to social networks. “

This 360 ° video is a new step: we invite the candidate to dive into the PwC universe through a virtual visit of our premises with two young consultants. It’s a fun and scripted experience, during which participants can interact ”. To disseminate this experience, PwC will offer VR headsets, made available to students during the forums. “Get on board with PwC” will also be available in 360 ° on YouTube and Facebook , as well as on the website and mobile . … to show behind the scenes of PwC While 360 ​​° video allows PwC to strengthen its innovative position,

A Format Suitable For Younger Generations

it also and above all allows potential candidates to project themselves. “A sequence was filmed by a drone, in order to fly over our park and highlight our working environment. In addition to the external environment, we want candidates to dive into our offices and discover, with their own eyes, all the arrangements put in place for employees ”. PwC immerses the viewer in its co-working spaces, its nap room, its cafeteria … “We will even be able to show our gym soon!” We communicate in our workspace because it reflects our desire to promote creativity and innovation in our ways of working.


Last year we launched the Workplace of the future projectto completely rethink our operating methods. The offices are more open, we do flex-office and e-working. On site, employees have the choice between open spaces, semi-open rooms or closed offices… This flexibility also exists in management at PwC: the hierarchy is not burdensome on a daily basis, we change managers depending on the missions, we take employee feedback into account… This management method corresponds to the younger generations, we have transformed ourselves to integrate them as well as possible and make them feel good ”. Since the takeover of a company specializing in design thinking,

To Show Behind The Scenes Of Pwc

PwC has been carrying out agile projects with employees, in order to place them at the center of the reflections related to their experience at PwC.”We organize interviews, we draw up recommendations and we put in place the projects chosen by the employees”. Well-being at work, flex time … In addition to these spaces and these new ways of working, PwC has put in place a series of measures to promote well-being and flexibility at work. PwC has taken on board the fact that careers today are not as linear as they once were. Employees can thus decide to “take a break” to develop a personal project, for several months if necessary. “They are guaranteed to find an equivalent position when they return. In the meantime, we can adapt their working time or free them up 100%.

This possibility offered to employees encourages initiatives, it is much appreciated by the younger generations. Moreover, our DIVN incubator welcomes both external projects and collaborator projects. These values ​​of openness, flexibility, well-being at work… this is what we wanted to highlight in this immersive 360 ​​° video(obesity, handicap), we will be uncompromising on mockery, etc … We also adapt to age: if the user is very young, we will protect him much more effectively, and finally we are detecting raids. During a hateful comments raid, Bodyguard will once again be much tougher in moderation to protect our users in full. This third step allows us for some users for example,

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