The story of Good Buy Media started Qatar Email List  with a message on Viadéo (it does not make us any younger and it reminds us that digital is constantly on the move). At the time, Olivier Bonnin asked me for a meeting to get to know each other, because we have backgrounds with a lot of common points. The meeting takes place at the Restaurant Rennais “Le Carré”. Immediately, the feeling is good, we talk about our journeys, our wishes to make things happen, we are remaking the world around our table. At the end of lunch, we know we’ll be doing things together, but not yet what . The months go by, our discussions continue, we look at various cases of business takeovers, without having the crush. Finally

as a matter of course, we decided to create a media agency (consulting agency specializing in purchasing and media and digital strategy). What unites us? Our respective backgrounds in the largest advertising agencies, knowledge of all the media, and a shared observation: this profession has not really changed in a media world in total revolution with the arrival of digital. With 5 years of hindsight on the takeover of Mediaveille, now Yumens , the market has gone digital but the media is not dead. On the contrary, it must be used differently to make it effective on the acquisition strategy! We analyze the market, there are very large national or international players

A Quick Start And A Name In The Blink

but they do not provide this level of service for SMEs and mid-caps. At the same time, there are independent agencies but they are not digitized: this skill is extremely complicated to acquire when you are not natively in the market. Backed by Mediaveille, we will have this major addition. A quick start and a name in the blink of an eye Quickly, Olivier Bonnin finds this name in the blink of an eye: Good Buy Media . I love it, and we are launching the adventure immediately. We are in September 2015. We both remember his beginnings, alone in his downstairs office, in the middle of a set of 35 web marketing experts. We especially remember the few questions from employees at the time:


What is Olivier doing with all these newspapers?” We are in digital! “. It is enormous work on a daily basis that we do to work on the additional added value that Good Buy Media can bring to its customers. Quickly, the first meetings confirm us in the fact that we bring a real added value, a saving of time and a better synchronization of the supports, making it possible to optimize the advertising budgets to make them more efficient. An ambition that is confirmed with the first recruitments The agency immediately meets its market, success is there and the first recruitments are made: Ronan, to deliver more, then Doris for advice. Over the months,

An Ambition That Is Confirmed

our positioning is refined, our ambition is also developing. Then we take a new step of geographic expansion , with the creation of a Good Buy Media South-East agency with Isabelle Duperrey, present on the Côte-d’Azur and the Rhône-Alpes region. Then it is Paris with Jean-Christophe Lechauve, to capture national budgets, and Nantes, with Alexandra Goralski. New identity of Good Buy Media Good Buy Media, the necessary complementarity of Yumens In 2018, we are fine-tuning the positioning: we decide that the acquisition and conversion will be managed by Yumens (ex-Mediaveille),

with programmatic in order to address this market much more effectively. At the same time, we are strengthening the teams through recruitments and the internal creation of the media trading division, which allows us to always provide a better level of service to clients, and thus to further optimize communication budgets. Graphisweet, the little nugget of Good Buy Media At the end of 2019, as a sign of fate, Olivier receives an SMS from the “Frères Tricot” to discuss. They are the founders of a well-known audiovisual agency in the West: Graphisweet and need to join a group to accelerate their development. In a few weeks, things were stalled

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