Here is a new edition of the Toolbox.  French Guiana Email List  There you can find a selection of 6 online tools and resources that deserve your attention. This week, 6 iPhone applications are to be won, leave a comment to get one! Good discovery. Friendspin This application for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to locate your Facebook friends in real time while keeping control of your private screw. It’s up to you to choose when you want to make your information visible! Geoloc is a major issue, this application deserves to be tested. I have 6 codes to offer you if you want to try it, the first 6 to request one in the comments will be served. Their Facebook page can be found here. friendspin analytics Analyze your followers and the content of your tweets in just a few clicks. This can be rich in lessons. adly Travel 0.5

This Firefox plugin allows you to discover your surfing history in an original way. The rendering is pleasant, to test! Suscriber wars Discover the most followed users on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. They are often stars, but valuable content creators can hide in these lists. suscriber wars Tweepi Easily clean up your following by unsubscribing from those who do not follow you, those who talk too much or who are inactive. Be careful not to overdo it. tweepi Seppukoo Want to leave your virtual life? This site helps you destroy your profiles on social networks. Suicide 2.0, as for Web 2.0 suicide machine .French Tech Christmas Once again this year, you can discover the objects created by French Tech start-ups on the dedicated site.

Facebook And Social Networks

Several categories of gifts are available: connected leisure, smart home, music, sport and health, etc.Here is my second selection of tickets that may be of interest to you as part of our platform. This week, Debate of the month requires, you will find several articles on FaceBook and social networks. Google is not stingy with novelties and experiments, the leader of the search engines has been talked about again in recent days. You will also find some useful and funny posts, because you have to take breaks in your day! Good reading. FaceBook and Social Networks Palpitt : A point on recruitment via Facebook, continuation: second part of an excellent post devoted to the employment dimension of FaceBook. Bleebot – Bleebot Mag: Facebook, for or against: selection of interesting articles on the + and – of FaceBook


Adrien Felsmann Lab – Facebook applications and user data, where are we? : the great debate of the moment … Adverb – Storm warning on professional social networks : what future for professional networks? Louis Naugès : 2008, the year of professional Web 2.0 social networks? : an update on the current situation and upcoming developments. And for the bravest … The white paper for professional social networks Tools and Resources Smashing Coding – Collections of free icons for the web: many icon packs that will allow you to spice up your blog. Quickly – Stay in control of your recurring tasks with Sciral Consistency: easily manage the tracking of your daily tasks. Freewares & Tutorials –

Google And Seo

The site of the day: Guide to keyboard shortcuts : because the mouse is not always useful. Maodite jug – Glossary of blogging : definitions that allow you to become familiar with the blog universe. Google and SEO Wynfo – Google Reader recommends RSS feeds: a handy feature. Elludovico – Google is experimenting with a Digg-Like! : one more ? Aysoon – Do you know Google Experimental? : Google never stops! Arkantos – How Glossaries and FAQs Can Improve Your Positioning: it says it all in the title… Relaxation Dyblog – Lots of small bulk tests : free qi test, test your level in geek culture… Some are excellent. SpawnRider – Sisi, Internet in its corner ^^ : toilets on the Internet?

You had to think about it! JarodxXx – my last born: generators are all the rage, this specialized search engine will allow you to discover them. Lots of interesting things this week… I hope you like these posts! where this option is now available. Then indicate the domain name of your choice, you will be immediately informed of its availability. The premium version of aliaz is available at a price of 19.99 euros per year. Transparency is one of the fundamental principles of aliaz. Faithful to this principle, at the end of your subscription, we will not renew it automatically without warning you 🙂 If you wish to keep your domain name without continuing the premium version of aliaz,

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