A quick search of your new domain name on archive.org will let you know if it may have been flagged for malicious or inappropriate content in the past. It can be difficult to remove your name from Internet blacklists, so no matter how appealing your new domain name is, avoid names that have contained low-quality or adult content in the past. Save important data. Before you convert your site to a new domain name, record some important statistics about your site from your Search Console account: number of indexed URLs, top keywords, number of sites linking to your site, etc.

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This information will be used to measure the health and performance of your website on the new domain. Important: While there are several tools available to track your website’s data, you’ll want to get your data Finland Phone Number directly from Google. Other tools are less accurate due to data lag. Your site’s old and new domain’s Google Search Console accounts are your best and most accurate sources of information during the transition to a new domain name. Maintain URL.

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To minimize redirect confusion, it’s best not to change the URL when transitioning to a new domai . Keep the redesign separate. If you plan to redesign your website as part of the move to a new domain name, do so separately. We recommend migrating your site to the new domain and waiting at least 2-3 weeks to initiate your redesign. Once you have laid the groundwork for a successful site migration. You can begin the transition to your new domain name. Tips when moving Strong preparation requires equally strong follow-up to be effective.

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