He supports the various stakeholders. In addition to supporting employees, the role of the Scrum Master is to help and train the Product Owner. It is not intended to assist it. He guides his practices and the needle in this role for Morocco Email List he has often not been trained. This means, for example, that he has to ensure that the backlog is well managed or that the user stories are well constructed. the role of scrum master – coach The role of the scrum master as a facilitator This obstacle removal helps create better conditions to advance on the sprint goal. The team must stay focused on this one.


The Scrum Master is thus the  of the final goal set by the Product Owner. To help teams move forward, the Scrum Master is required to provide the necessary tools. It can be to retrieve the test devices on mobile or to create a graph to materialize the team’s processes. The creation of a quality environment also involves visual management. The contacts are face to face, the supports are visible and displayed for the team to wear. The last point on which the Scrum Master intervenes concerns internal and external communications to the team. On the one hand, he maintains active communication on a regular basis with the

Just Like Three-point Shooting In A Basketball

Product Owner, the sponsors and the users; that is, all the stakeholders. He is not the intermediary. He is called upon to facilitate discussions to find consensus in favor of the sprint objective. On the other side, it protects developers from non-beneficial external communications. The objective is to bring maximum value to the various exchanges. The role of Scrum Master has no equivalent in a classic method. It is not a central role like that of project manager but a fundamental role in the implementation of the agile method within the organization. His work, if well done, makes life easier for the teams and contributes, in all discretion, to achieving the set objective.


A good Scrum Master knows how to withdraw in favor of the autonomy and the progress of the team. He has the human qualities to accompany him subtly and the skills necessary to adapt his approach according to the situations. It is a key player in the success of the project . This tool is ideal for spotting user behavioral anomalies and improving any UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) issues that you may not have noticed when designing your site. Also, its integrated survey tool helps you optimize the ergonomics of your website by asking questions directly to your users.

Is Not Suitable For Some Teams

MEASURE YOUR SEO PERFORMANCE WITH SEMRUSH SEM Rush is an all-in-one competitive analysis service , first released to the public in 2008. It is among the most used software by SEO agencies and SEO consultants. Its many features make it a very complete and powerful SEO analysis tool that allows: site audit, organic traffic estimation, position monitoring, content optimization, backlinks analysis, keyword research, competition analysis, advertising research, SMO (Social Media Optimization), brand monitoring … CHECK THE TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE From a technical point of view, we have selected the 3 tools that we think are essential for a good website analysis.

We will quote: mobile Tester : website test and analysis tool around responsive design and its compatibility with search engines, screaming Frog : website crawl and analysis software for improving all SEO, SEA, SEM, SMO performance, content quality, backlinks, conversion, statistics, etc. development tools via the browser developer console : web page content exploration tool (DOM – Document Object Model) that allows you to review the HTML markup of pages and CSS data. After using all of these tools, your website will perform better. Of course, the health of your site depends on the analysis of the website but above all on the frequency of audits. Have you ever thought about having an automated permanent monitoring platform developed for your site?

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