The implementation of a chatbot makes it possible to improve the customer experience to the point of optimizing sales. Discover conversational commerce. In every web project, the user experience must be a priority! In e-commerce, setting up a chatbot can improve the customer experience to optimize sales … What are the advantages of a chatbot?

How to optimize it? Discover the France Mobile Number Database of conversational commerce … A doubt ? A question ? A chat with a potential customer greatly increases the chances of making a sale . Engaging in dialogue with the consumer makes it possible to remove the brakes on purchasing. In a physical store, the process is quite simple: the salespeople are there to make sure that the customer finds all the information he needs.

On an online store, it is not so obvious since there is no seller! The customer is on his own. Equipping an e-commerce site with a chatbot then makes it possible to optimize sales and the customer experience . “Can I help you ?” ” Can you find what you are looking for?” The chatbot have raised the principle of conversational trade : selling products or services through personalized conversations.

What is a chatbot ? To what extent can it optimize sales on an e-commerce site ? Do not hesitate to consult our article ” Create or redesign an e-commerce site: the essentials for a successful project ” What is a chatbot? The chatbot is a program capable of simulating a conversation with a human . Via a conversation window, usually located at the bottom right of the screen, the user engages in a live conversation with a robot designed to provide answers in an automated way .

A Chatbot To Optimize Your E-commerce Sales?

Depending on the main objective of the parent application on which it is integrated, the chatbot makes it possible to: Offer product recommendations , Support the consumer towards the purchase, The guide to a specific page based on their request, Notify the user that the item is out of stock and possibly announce a restocking date , Ask about customer satisfaction, Provide support functions …

The chatbot is based on rules, automatisms configured upstream. He is able to handle simple requests. Questions, often multiple choice, are asked to the user in order to identify the problem with which he is confronted. According to the user’s instructions, the chatbot automatically generates the appropriate responses . chatbot configuration example Here is an excerpt from a chatbot setting


It was identified upstream that the visitor could be either a client, or a potential candidate for job offers, or a prospect. For security, it was provided that the user could also have another request. For each type of response, a different scenario is planned and the content of the message is adapted accordingly. If the visitor clicks on “I have a project”, the chatbot replies “do you have a project? Let’s work together then!” Some chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence .

They work through machine learning and interpret the user’s language to better understand and meet their needs. Chatbots with artificial intelligence are particularly useful when it comes to handling complex queries , such as a user asking for a product recommendation. 61% of companies say that the use of artificial intelligence chatbots has improved customer satisfaction (source: Forrester Consulting 2017 study) The importance of the chatbot on an e-commerce site

A Chatbot To Optimize Your E-commerce Sales?

To understand the usefulness of a chatbot , you just have to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. He is on an e- commerce site and consults the product sheet of a sweater he likes. But he has a doubt. The product sheet does not mention the composition of the p ull .

The product is a last minute gift: will it be delivered on time? He has doubts about the choice of size. Is the product available in another color? No seller on the horizon! If he cannot resolve his doubts, the customer prefers to abandon the purchase and look for another product, certainly on a current site … chatbot – I did not find an answer

This is where the chatbot comes in handy. Using a chatbot is particularly interesting in sectors where “conversational” is important , especially retail. In our example, the chatbot can appeal to the consumer who has been on the same page for several minutes without making the purchase. A small pop-in appears at the bottom of the screen: “Do you have a doubt, a question?” “Can I help you ?”

Once the conversation has started, you have to make sure that the chatbot is able to answer all the questions that the customer might ask. This is all the complexity. The chatbot does not make mistakes . On the other hand, it happens that he does not understand the user’s request : this possibility must be anticipated.

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