There are quite a few abbreviations that you as a marketer will have to deal with. From AIDA to SMART, from the 4Ps to the 6Cs – and so on. Perhaps the most famous are B2C and B2B. I’ve always wondered why that first “B” is always used. Does the first letter sometimes refer to Non-Profit, Government, Charity? Who knows may say. Anyway, I recently introduced three new abbreviations: B2G, G2G, G2C. Why do I think that applies? You can read more about this in this article.


Note: this is an overview with examples and references. I have included a number of links to relevant articles or websites if you would like to study a particular topic or brand in more detail.


In recent years I have conducted research into the activities of brands and organizations that target ‘the gay consumer’ (politically correct is LGBT consumer, but this does not always apply). My Training Directors Email Lists focus was mainly on the activities of mainstream companies, brands suchhave now called it B2G *.


Training Directors Managers Email Lists

I said LGBT is the more politically correct term in this regard, but targeting four very different groups of people isn’t very efficient. Certainly not if 1 is fairly invisible and 1 is economically small. You have actually only seen companies opting for this in recent years. Often the goal is not so much to sell a product, but to show diversity and support a group of partly wealthy and more brand loyal consumers who have been ignored for decades. Because it also happ you can also see it as a signal to society as a whole. This development is exactly what I have tried to capture in a formula within my researc

*I found out that this is also used for Business-to-government , but I’ve never encountered that in practice. Moreover, it is also called Business-to-administration (B2A). As far as I’m concerned they can use that term, then I assign B2G to my theme.

Back to the beginning

B2G marketing has actually only been around since the 90s. The very first TV commercial in the world showing L&G couples came from our own Amev and dates back to 19the now renowned di

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