Facebook’s fierce appetite never seems Germany WhatsApp Number List  Valley giant today announced the launch of Fb.gg, a platform dedicated to the livestreaming of video games. Facebook on Twitch’s platforms Facebook seems to be eyeing the new trend that has flourished in recent years and which pushes young adults to watch more than 3 hours of streaming per week. By creating Fb.gg , the social network is entering the territory of Twitch, a large streaming giant whose audience records allow it to compete with YouTube in this category. Fb.gg , however, has a head start: a stranglehold on more than 2 billion profiles and therefore millions of gaming users.

By bringing together video game content on a single platform, Facebook can bring together the very large community of spectators by using personalized recommendations based on user activity. Because money In the same statement, Facebook also indicates the launch of a new currency to power the machine. Members of Facebook’s Level-Up program , who will therefore regularly broadcast lives on the platform, will be able to earn money thanks to the support of their fans, just like Twitch. The community will therefore be able to virtually buy and send Facebook Stars during the live. For each Facebook Star received, the streamer will receive a percentage of their prize.

Facebook on Twitch’s platforms

According to Facebook, this percentage will differ depending on the number of Facebook Stars sent. A user purchasing a pack and sending it to the streamer will not send the same amount as if they send Stars individually. According to Tech Crunch, the social network indicates that the percentage recovered by the firm could vary between 1% and 49%, but that the creators will still receive the majority of the shares. … that we are going to entrust the keys of the temple because they are the ones who are in charge. It’s an interesting process. Let’s identify in ecosystems, whatever their size, crossing points, keys that will succeed in moving the lines, which will be different depending on the country, religion, culture


. It becomes very easy to sell us things if we forget that the machine is a machine. This is evidenced by the computer program ELIZA (written by Joseph Weizenbaum in the 60s), which simulates a Rogerian psychotherapist by reformulating most of the “patient’s” statements in questions and asking them, thus encouraging him to reveal more about him. . “The interface is very stupid but we find ourselves staying on it to test, gradually forgetting that it is a machine. What will happen to the voice interfaces that will speak to us with words that touch us? We will get the same situations as in the film Her ”. google-patent-2015 Another anecdote shared by the speaker, t

Because Money

”he filing of at least worrying patents made by Google in 2015 (pictured preview above and below). The firm would thus be able: to identify your mood, but also to tell you that your child has played too much video games, that you mess around with your wife too often, or that you haven’t eaten enough with your family. , all depending on the composition of your household and your habits (remember that they listen to you, observe you and have your data). The assistant could thus easily interfere with your private life, in order to give you rewards which will allow you or not to achieve specific objectives. This service would be optional, but remains terrifying compared to the possibilities that these machines portend for the future. So, friends or foes?

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