Info revealed by the German site Lebanon WhatsApp Number List  AllFacebook , Facebook will soon offer marketers a new platform designed to facilitate the search for influencers whose message best matches their brand. The social network would provide, according to the screenshots, a platform called “Branded Content Matching”, with search features, suggested influencers and saved lists. Find, locate and contact influencers The search function, as its name suggests, is not rocket science. Depending on the products intended to be marketed, it will be possible to search for the influencers most able to communicate according to their community.

Brands will then be able to sort the chosen influencers according to engagement or the number of views of the videos. For the moment, nothing has yet been officially confirmed by Facebook, although the firm hinted at the existence of the platform a few months ago: “ In the coming months, we will be exploring two new monetization features. for creators. The former is a tool that helps advertisers and creators easily connect to branded content opportunities on Facebook. Creators participating in the test can build a portfolio highlighting their area of ​​expertise, and advertisers can search and find creators to collaborate on engaging branded content campaigns

Facebook Improves Its Moderation Algorithms

The Google team has announced a series of changes that will be implemented in Google Chrome, related to messages displayed on HTTPS and HTTP websites. Google will only report unsecured sites Since the beginning of the 2010s, the HTTPS security protocol has taken precedence over HTTP websites, ensuring a better guarantee of quality. Until today, Google Chrome referred to a secure website with the acronym HTTPS with a green padlock in the address bar. But this dynamic will change from September. Google has in fact decided to no longer inform users if a website is secure, but will warn when they find a website that is not secure. This change will take effect from Chrome 69,


.which should land by September. Thus, the sites which do not respect the HTTPS protocol will display the warning “not secure”. The warning will appear in gray in the address bar, but will turn red when users are prompted to enter data.On social networks, the question of moderation is a very sensitive subject. Very often judged as slow, contradictory, too strict on some points and not enough on others etc. the criticisms are numerous. Always in its momentum for more transparency, Facebook thus reveals its statistics on the moderation of content . Facebook improves its moderation algorithms The social network communicates on its various actions concerning content deemed unacceptable on its platform.

Facebook Facilitates The Process

Facebook thus determines 6 categories: violent content, nudity and sexual activities, terrorist propaganda, hate speech, spam and fake accounts. For each of them, Facebook specifies the quantity of content deleted by its algorithms. For violent images and videos, for example, 85% were deleted before users could even report them. Regarding terrorist propaganda content, the presence of which on Facebook raises serious concerns, the platform denies removing nearly 99.5% of the content with its algorithms. The figures for automatic deletions are also very high concerning spam (837 million pieces of content deleted in the first quarter of 2018) and fake accounts (583 million), which Facebook manages to identify easily.

However, efforts are still to be made on hate speech, which is difficult to identify by AIs in the social network due to the various forms they can take. Facebook facilitates the process of reporting content on Messenger While waiting to be able to refine its automatic recognition systems, Facebook therefore invites its users to report any content that does not comply with the rules of the platform. The social network has thus improved its reporting system on its Messenger application and made it more accessible. New reporting tools have indeed been put in place. From now on, it will no longer be necessary to go through the reporting menu or Web Messenger to report content.

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