We already told you about it last Armenia WhatsApp Number List  WhatsApp was testing paid tools for companies in order to be able to monetize its services. It’s now official, Facebook has decided to implement these tools on messaging, and thus charge companies for sending marketing and customer service messages to users. A decision taken with the aim of allowing WhatsApp (acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $ 19 billion) to generate revenue. Messages billed between 0.5 and 9 cents depending on the country Companies will be billed at a fixed price, between 0.5 and 9 cents per message depending on the country. A price much higher than the rates charged by the SMS marketing sending platforms, which charge less than a cent per message sent. At the same time as this device, Facebook will display ads from companies connected to WhatsApp.

This means that businesses will be able to buy ads that lead people directly to an in-mail chat. Here again, this function leads to invoicing: companies will indeed be able to respond to customers for free if they respond within 24 hours, but Facebook will invoice them for any response after this period. 3 new features developed to improve customer service 3 new features have also been developed to make it easier for customers to connect with businesses: The possibility for companies to send you information (boarding pass, parcel tracking, etc.). A “Click to chat” button to start an instant chat. Live assistance in case of problems or questions about a product. The arrival of these new tools is probably part of Facebook’s argument for retaining companies on WhatsApp

Messages billed between 0.5 and 9 cents

so that the social network can take advantage of its new monetization model and continue to increase its revenues thanks to its various products.It is an order of magnitude that we are not used to manipulating. Following good results published this week for its second quarter of 2018, Apple has indeed become the first global company to be valued over a trillion dollars. In other words, more than a trillion. Its shares traded in effect yesterday at the close of the NASDAQ at 207.39 dollars, up nearly 3%, for a total valuation of 1.019 billion dollars. A colossal sum for a company which did not exist fifty years ago. Apple is still in the lead ahead of Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet.


All signals seem green for the brand, which just posted record sales of more than $ 53 billion in the second quarter of 2018, for a net profit of more than $ 11 billion. Its gross margin is stable, above 38%, and 60% of its sales are made internationally. With iPhone sales announced slightly up for this quarter (41.3 million against 41 million in 2017), there is good news for the Cupertino company.Since leaving China in 2010, Google has been trying to bury the hatchet and win back the heart of the Democratic Republic. The giant is said to be working on a censored version of its search engine, as well as a new application intended to compete with Toutiao, which lists most of the news in China and is consulted daily by 120 million users. Blacklisted requests The newspaper

3 new features developed to improve

The Intercept indeed reports that the American firm would prepare a search engine specially adapted to Chinese legislation, capable of censoring sites and requests deemed inappropriate by the government. A Google employee revealed confidential documents relating to this Dragonfly project, revealing a search engine capable of automatically identifying and filtering censored websites. When a person searches, the banned websites will be removed from the first page of results, and a disclaimer will appear that says “some results may have been removed due to legal requirements.” According to the documents, the search engine will go so far as to blacklist the queries deemed to be the most sensitive so that no results are displayed when a user enters certain words or phrases. Google’s image search, automatic spell checking, and suggested search features will also be impacted by these blacklists.

A controversial project Internally, the project known to only a handful of employees raises serious concerns among some, to the point of wanting to reveal the confidential files to the press. On the side of Amnesty International, Patrick Poon, researcher, also expresses his concern. ” It would be a dark day for web freedom if Google submitted to the extreme rules of Chinese censorship to gain access to a market” and “put profits before human rights” Besides the possible return of the search engine to the Middle Kingdom, it seems that Google is looking to compete with Toutiao. This application indeed lists all the news of the day and is consulted by millions of users. Toutiao incorporates an algorithm capable of sorting over 200,000 articles and videos each day, coming from 4,000 official sources, blogs, and 800,000 influencers and celebrities.


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