Nordpresse, a “parody” site close Belarus WhatsApp Number List  was blocked this weekend by Facebook. In the midst of the Benalla affair, it did not take more to cry out for censorship on the part of the media, and to assert that the US giant was censoring pages and content that were embarrassing for the government. This imbroglio shows how the place of Facebook has become crucial and complex in the dissemination of information. Censorship to protect the government … Sunday, the site cries out scandal, and affirms that Facebook censors the publications of the site. Concretely, it becomes impossible to post any Nordpresse article on Facebook. In the midst of the Benalla affair, the parody site (moreover, closer to a fake news factory than Gorafi) affirms, sure of its fact, that it is a censorship to prevent information from being disseminated in the population.

Please note, this is not a joke. Facebook is censoring all humorous content on the #Benalla affair #Benallamacron affair #Benallagate – Nordpresse (@Nordpresse) July 22, 2018 It did not take more to excite conspirators and opponents of all stripes: Russian media, France Insoumise, and the extreme right have all united to denounce this media conspiracy. It must be said that the timing was questionable … The subject is in any case sensitive and many take the opportunity to recall that Nordpresse is not a simple satirical of the same ilk as Gorafi, but rather a Fake News site with a political aim. The site is indeed much more ambiguous than a “Belgian Gorafi”, as it is often called, and its positioning is close to identity movements.

Or Just A Technical Problem?

Nordpresse also likes to muddy the waters by modifying the domain names of its articles (which is very questionable). The site indeed uses urls in “” or “” to confuse the issue. nordpresse Or just a technical problem? Faced with the outcry caused by this disappearance of Nordpresse, largely amplified by the media noise around the Benalla scandal, Facebook feigned a press release to explain the situation. This would actually just be a simple technical issue preventing the preview data from loading. Facebook clearly specifying that “Nordpresse content is authorized on Facebook. ” No political censorship therefore, and above all an excellent demonstration of the increasingly delicate posture in which Facebook finds itself in the face of the information it must censor. Freedom of expression at all costs?


Mark Zuckerberg explained a few days before the Benalla affair that the role of Facebook was not to censor information questioning the holocaust (let us recall for information that Zuckerberg is Jewish and could nevertheless be particularly sensitive to these revisionist speeches). In this interview with Recode, the Facebook leader confirmed that it seemed normal to him to allow Infowars, a revisionist and conspiratorial far-right news site, to continue using the platform. Their page will therefore not be censored, but the reach of their posts could be reduced. A paradoxical position, where the conception of freedom of expression is ultimately very Anglo-Saxon and particularly liberal. In this context, it is difficult to imagine a severe fight against false information posted online. In France, Facebook relies on a network of partner media (AFP, Le Monde, etc.) to fact-check the information published.

Freedom Of Expression At All Costs?

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