The advantage, with this virtual device, is that we save a considerable amount of time in the work of synthesis and restitution ! The quiz and poll functions allow you to prepare a list of questions in different formats: vote, challenge or storm. And, an interesting feature, in the case of workshops which are intended to train / transmit knowledge, you can create capsules, made up of adventures, missions that allow you to effectively structure training sessions during which participants interact and conduct practical exercises ! Klaxoon offers a set of solutions for onboarding very effective facilitating handling .

Miro Miro offers a similar Panama Phone Number List to Klaxoon with a “user experience design” orientation . Indeed, its models offer the creation of kanban boards, mindmaps, storymaps, customers journeys, personas, etc. We have successfully used the persona and customer journey functions, allowing different user groups to constitute several personas and user journeys and facilitating collective feedback. Miro is therefore very suitable for an empathy map session

is clearly a more transversal product, suitable for team meetings, various exchanges. Miro is particularly effective for UX Design work . Many other solutions exist, which we have not yet tested:, mural, … We discover with interest and satisfaction that the remote facilitation of workshops is effective . If the rules and methods have to be readjusted, the quality of the data and ideas collected is comparable. The difficulties in getting to grips with each other mean that we have to work more upstream in the preparation of the workshops , but the digital medium simplifies the work of restitution. Also, the COVID-19 crisis will clearly have a lasting impact on our co-design methods .

Which Allows Erasing To Replace Post-it Tables

Our recommendations On the data sought … Adobe Analytics is very powerful in terms of e-commerce monitoring and relevant if you are doing media campaigns (first and last click channel feedback, etc.) On the maturity of users … The interface is nice but the number of features makes it very complex to use . Training is necessary to understand this tool.


On compliance with the standards in force … Like Google Analytics , Adobe Analytics is subject to cookie consent. We naturally think of Google Analytics when we start web analytics . And for good reason, the tool has many advantages: it is free, very complete, easy to use … It should be noted, however, that other Web Analytics tools, in particular tools more respectful of GDPR standards , may correspond to your needs.

Phygital designates a marketing strategy combining physical and digital. What are its benefits and its main levers? We have all ordered online and requested a pickup of our in-store purchase. But do you know that this principle is part of phygital? Phygital designates a marketing strategy combining physical and digital. Are you wondering what it is exactly? What are its benefits, but also its main levers? Focus on phygital. The term phygital appeared in 2013.

We Have Widely Used The Brainstorm Function

Faced with the evolution of consumer behavior driven by Millennials, the purchasing journey has been redesigned for the customer experience . In this article, we try to give you a definition of phygital , to present its benefits as well as its main levers. The definition of phygital The phygital combines two pillars of the customer experience, physical and digital : The physical in-store experience , customer relations and human contact. The digital experience and online interactions with a brand. The buying journey are more linear .

Customers are moving more and more easily from physical to digital and vice versa. In this context, many players are implementing phygital strategies, with the digitization of their point of sale . phygital Do not hesitate to consult our article ” Create or consolidate e-commerce site: the essentials for a successful proje t ” Why choose a phygital approach? In the age of e-commerce , phygital is an excellent way for brands to differentiate themselves and offer more added value to customers.

The phygital is an integrated approach that contributes to improving the customer experience at each stage. With phygital , and thanks to good use of data, the experience is omnichannel , personalized and extended beyond the act of purchase. The phygital allows include: Generate store traffic, Streamline the purchasing journey, Boost online visibility. How to set up phygital? Phygital is a strategy mainly implemented by points of sale . It can nevertheless be applied to many areas, which have everything to gain from integrating physical and digital together while rethinking the customer experience .

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