The platform provides useful insights on just about every conceivable topic. best format SlideShare is rapidly expanding its audience as it not only provides users with easily accessible and highly targeted content, but also allows information to be consumed in a very efficient and hassle-free manner. Instead of reading pages of raw text, users have the opportunity to browse a series of easy-to-understand slides with minimal text and maximum visualization. In this sense, SlideShare provides a modern way of presenting and sharing knowledge. Due to the above reasons, the platform quickly became popular, attracting people from different industries and interests.

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Crazy, isn’t it? Especially considering SlideShare isn’t as widely recognized as other social media giants like Facebook. This, in turn, makes the competition on the platform much smaller than on popular social networks. All of this makes SlideShare one of the best channels for content marketing. As such, there may be many undiscovered opportunities to increase public awareness of your brand and thus boost your business. What makes SlideShare so special? Content and its diversity As a huge hub for digital content such as presentations, infographics, documents and videos, SlideShare is a unique repository of valuable knowledge. According to SlideShare, content hosted on the service can be grouped into as many as 35 categories, and content has been uploaded more than 18 million times to date .

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