Another example, if a merchant wants to open an e-commerce site in the Netherlands, it is vital that they integrate the country’s most popular payment platform, Ideal, which 80% of all Dutch people use in online transactions. . If the e-merchant does not offer this method of payment, he will logically lose a very important part of his potential turnover.

The choice of your payment Brazil Phone Number List is therefore largely determined by its ability to integrate local languages, currencies and means of payment. Statista data on the use of payment methods according to the share of transaction volume in the world in 2019 and 2023

One of the most important criteria when choosing a payment solution is its integration (or ease of integration) with your existing business processes and software infrastructure.Integration via iFrame,
Redirection to a dedicated payment site, API integration . The first two solutions are certainly the most secure since it is the PSP itself which offers the integrated interfaces and therefore guarantees their security.

Payment method statistics

The last alternative (integration via API), on the other hand, offers the most complete user experience , since there is no disruption in navigation, online payment is made directly on the site. The e-merchant stores the customer’s payment information in its own database and can send it to different PSPs if needed. In addition, the API connection offers many possibilities for control and adaptation, as well as integration options, but this nevertheless requires e-merchants to comply with PCI certifications.

A hybrid route offered by some PSPs still makes it possible to use an API to guarantee strong integration flexibility, without however requiring PCI certification for the e-merchant.


If you use popular solutions like Magento , Prestashop , WooCommerce or even Sylius , you will quickly see that many payment modules are offered by the communities, allowing the integration of the most famous players. Also, when you use such a technical solution, the difficulty of integrating your PSP is reduced.

One of the main regulatory commitments of PSPs is to guarantee the security of transactions, ensure the protection of the end customer and the e-merchant. It is often complex for an e-merchant to assess the capacity of the PSP’s anti-fraud system. These devices are eminently technical and difficult to understand for a neophyte.

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Nevertheless, you will need to carefully consider this question if: You are in a business with peculiarities . For example, if you are in the gaming industry, where a large number of customers can complete many payment transactions quickly, most anti-fraud systems will flag these transactions as fraud by default. This is why the flexibility of the solution will be essential for you.

You remember a little known or very particular PSP . You will have to challenge it on its anti-fraud devices.
You are in a market in which fraud is important or if you operate in a very international context. You need to be able to quickly recover cash receipts from your bank account and have efficient dashboards to manage and monitor your transactions . The issue is therefore to know if it is possible to be paid quickly and how often with the selected PSP, or even if the latter can send funds to different accounts with different locations.

Some other services to analyze PSP The interesting services to take into account in the analysis of PSP: Recurring payments  : if your e-commerce site offers subscriptions, it may be interesting to offer r ecurring payments, or even direct debit solutions. Customer Support  : For some industries and customers, the availability of customer support is extremely important. There are huge differences in terms of scope, language availability and costs. For some merchants, it is not only important to have customer support, but also to offer a helpline to their customers.

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