xatis and KPMG have just put online a Vietnam WhatsApp Number List  complete study on e-merchants in France. It looks at the profile of the French e-merchant, but also at the various challenges of the sector. Who is the e-merchant? According to Oxatis 80% of e-merchants are between 35 and 64 years old and 41% between 35 and 49 years old. People aged 50 to 64 are also throwing themselves into e-commerce: they are 39% of respondents (37% in 2017). E-commerce does not only concern large cities: 53% of VSE PME e-merchants are located in cities of less than 20,000 inhabitants. The 3 most represented sectors of activity in e-commerce are: Fashion and clothing:

11.89% Personal Services: 9.19% Beauty and well-being: 8.65% Multichannel: a strong stake 54% of e-merchants see e-commerce as an additional sales channel. Half of e-merchants see e-commerce as a way to retain customers and 65% of e-merchants see an impact of e-commerce on their physical stores. This increase in multichannel purchasing behavior makes the management of the activity more complex: 19% of entrepreneurs say they are aware of the difficulty of coordinating their multichannel sales strategy. The 3 operational brakes identified are: lack of time (39%), cost (36%), and the time required for profitability (35%). The use of social networks and online advertising Facebook is the most used social channel by e-merchants: 76% of respondents use it. In 2017 Instagram was used by 24% of respondents against 11% in 2016.

The Use Of Social Networks And Online Advertising

A very significant progression of this channel which becomes the second most used social network. Twitter is 3rd with 19% of respondents. Facebook has a real business stake: 33% of users of these networks believe that Facebook accounts for more than 5% of their turnover. Only 9% and 8% of users consider the impact of Twitter and LinkedIn to be visible on turnover. These 2 networks are not acquisition channels for e-commerce. Blogs are still present: 24% of e-merchants consider the use of a blog as “overall” positive for the turnover. We notice strong disparities in use according to age: 42% of young e-merchants use Instagram against only 17% of those aged 50 to 64.


The use of Google AdWords stagnates: 41% of e-merchants use Google’s paid tools. 28% of e-merchants use Facebook Ads, 70% of Facebook Ads users perceive the tool as an opportunity to develop their turnover. A sector that generates employment E-commerce is a dynamic sector: 18% of respondents say they have hired at least one employee in 2017. All French e-commerce sites generated 49,000 jobs in 2017, and they could create 56,000 in 2018. This figure represents 28% of market job creations in 2018 forecast by INSEE. These jobs are not precarious jobs: in 2017, 40% of respondents recruited salespeople, 25% digital marketing profiles. The study covers 2,100 e-merchants surveyed between November 22, 2017 and December 22, 2017. The figures, methodology, and data collection have been audited and validated by KPMG

Multichannel: A Strong Stake

The full survey is available on the Oxatis website . If an inconsistent value is entered, the following message is displayed. Group the rows in Excel (calculation of subtotal etc.) Grouping rows improves the readability of a table in Excel. In the example below, we have for example grouped the Grammar and Spelling lines under the French line , since these are subjects related to French. All you have to do is select the secondary lines, then click on Group ( Data tab ). You can also ungroup the rows or calculate a subtotal. Convert an Excel file to PDF Saving as PDF is not just for Word documents! You can also turn an Excel table into a PDF document. But it all depends on your version of Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013: just use the Save As function . Then choose PDF as the file type, and you’re done. Microsoft Excel 2007: just add this supplement: Save in PDF or XPS in Microsoft and you’re done. Saving Excel files as PDF for earlier versions is not possible in Excel. Macros in Excel On Excel, it’s hard to do without macros. They allow you to record simple or complex actions. Sometimes it takes time to create them, but after that, the software takes care of reproducing your actions. Excel macros save a lot of time! All you have to do is go to the View tab , then Macros , to record a series of actions, display the available macros, modify or run an Excel macro. Do not hesitate ! The options on Microsoft Excel On the software of the MS Office suite, the general options are not very accessible

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