For several years, owners of tablets Uganda WhatsApp Number List  or mobiles running Windows have benefited from a aloneadvantage: access to Microsoft Office applications from their mobile device. This era is now over! The applications of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are now accessible on Android (tablet and mobile). And it’s free. office-android Access to Microsoft Office from an Android tablet has been available for several months. Microsoft Office first offered its app in private beta, then public beta, before allowing anyone to install the app on their tablet from the Play Store.

Microsoft has just taken the next step, allowing the installation of Office suite applications on Android mobile devices. Read also Find your training to master Word, Excel & PowerPoint Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available free of charge. A premium version is available, but the free features will be sufficient for the majority of users. To access it, you must register for the beta testing program offered by Microsoft. It’s easy and super quick, but you need to have a Google+ account. Just join the Microsoft Office for Android community . The Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications are then accessible here: Microsoft Word on Android Microsoft Excel on Android Microsoft PowerPoint on Android Microsoft Office apps for Android are currently offered in beta,

Microsoft Word On Android

but they are fully functional. Realizing such complex applications for such a small screen was a real challenge in terms of UX, and it’s frankly very well designed. To test ! Previously, the “Facebook Live” functionality was reserved for mobiles, before arriving on desktop for pages. March 2017: Stories disappear from WhatsApp and arrive on Facebook This failed deployment on Whatsapp does not however slow down Facebook in the generalization of Stories, this format is indeed likely to arrive on the application. March 2017: Facebook 360 accessible in virtual reality The 360 ​​° photos and videos launched by Facebook have been very successful. Today Facebook is going further by launching this 360 ° format in virtual reality thanks to the Samsung GearVR. February 2017: Facebook: rollout of advertising breaks on videos and live streams Video is taking up more and more space on Facebook


but it had until then been spared from advertising. Facebook has just announced that this will not last, new advertising formats indeed allow publishers to insert advertising breaks during videos. February 2017: Facebook pages: a new inbox to manage messages and comments The new Inbox allows you to manage, within a unified interface: Messenger, Facebook and Instagram February 2017: Reactions are more important than likes in the visibility algorithm The reactions launched in 2016 will be more important than the Likes in the calculation of the visibility of a post. According to data analyzed by Facebook, if you react to a post via a “Reaction”, you are more likely to want to see this type of content in your newsfeed

Microsoft Powerpoint On Android

February 2017: WhatsApp update: the new Statuses, a copy and paste of Snapchat Stories In the beta version of the app on Android, you could create ephemeral (24 hour) statuses. The new WhatsApp Statuses are now available on the stable version of the application on Android and iOS. February 2017: Facebook pages will soon be able to post job offers Facebook formalizes a new feature: the publication of job offers. Companies domiciled in the USA and Canada will soon be able to post job offers while users will be able to apply without leaving the social network. February 2017: Facebook videos: sound activated by default, watch and scroll, vertical videos …

Facebook announces 4 new features related to videos: autoplay is no longer silent, vertical videos are better highlighted and videos continue to be played even if you scroll your screen. The social network is also announcing the launch of a Facebook Video application designed for connected TVs. February 2017: Facebook launches Community Help to offer or find help during a crisis With the new Community Help feature integrated into Safety Check, it will now be possible to find or offer help in the event of a crisis, in particular food, shelter, transport, etc. February 2017: Facebook: update of the algorithm to favor real time and authenticity Facebook announces this morning an update of the Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm.

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