Since most of the users watch Facebook videos without any sound, it is essential to get your message across within seconds. Whether you go for a video or an image, the visuals should: Tell the whole story without words Evoke an action or an China Email Lists To provoke a reaction in the spectator Imagine an ad for phone cases depicting the worst disasters that can happen to smartphones. A visual element that in a fun way depicts the destruction of a phone can evoke humor and empathy. It can also play on fear and offer viewers a clear reason to act. Use your knowledge of your customers to compose a compelling headline and body.

Ask yourself what do you expect from users when you ask them to take a specific action. Your goals could include the following: Make your brand known to a wider audience Create the buzz for an event or a sale Convert leads into customers Then ask yourself what conditions would motivate customers to take the desired action. Just like your visual elements, the text of your advertisements must be relevant, convey a sense of urgency and convey an emotion. A business owner is likely to click on an ad that promises “Turn your personal project into income in 5 easy steps”. If you’re ready to sell, grab the attention of readers with a low-cost offer.


Single Extension Domain Names

Even if you sell expensive products, such as consulting services, make initial contact with an accessible offer. Fiverr is a prime example in terms of low risk discovery packages. Sellers attract buyers with basic packages priced at $ 5 to $ 20 and charge the pro rate for additional or higher quality services. Do A / B tests Facebook makes promotion a snap for newbies. In each ad set, you can use an existing ad to create a similar one. What is the point, you will ask? Serving slightly edited ads allows you to test the effectiveness of different models.


This process is known as A / B testing. It is particularly effective when changing one variable at a time. Say you run ads for summer sale on camping gear. You could choose a picture of a family setting up camp to attract parents planning a summer trip. In another ad, you could use a picture of a family hiking or rafting. The adventurous nature of the second image might get you better results, which will tell you which ad is a good investment. As part of another test, you could change the text and title slightly, or use another call to action. Experiment, measure and experiment again Fortunately, Facebook’s platform is self-correcting and offers suggestions to help you optimize your campaigns.


Domain Names That Tell The Brand’s Story

You can also add custom measurement systems appropriate to your type of business. When you learn to use Facebook ads, the more testing you do, the easier it becomes to monetize your advertising model. While this would be very convenient, you can’t just redeploy a successful advertising strategy as is on any platform. Facebook users want an uninterrupted experience and get tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. If you want to make sustained progress, you will need to audit your campaign strategy on a regular basis. Are you using Facebook to drive traffic to your website? Make sure you have a professional and attractive site with the help of these 4 tips .

When you have a loyal following, a logo is enough to attract many subscribers to read your ads or headlines. 8. Promotional items Whenever you’re doing a free giveaway or attending a sponsored event, look for ways to get your logo on display in the face of new potential customers. Print your logo on frequently used promotional items such as pens , mugs, canvas bags and drawstrings. 9. Company uniforms Create a cohesive presentation using custom-branded uniforms. Design custom caps, polo shirts, or t-shirts so your staff can be seen in a crowd. Uniforms are easily noticed in stores and at trade shows.

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