That fail to migrate your site properly can not only confuse search engines, it can also frustrate your potential visitors. Google will often show your old site in search results, sending traffic this way even after it’s gone. Since these pages no longer exist, the visitor will receive a “page not found” message. Lost sales We mentioned the importance of understanding the potential risks of site migration early on, and it’s worth repeating. Before you go ahead and change your domain name, calculate your total revenue from organic search traffic.

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If you moved your site to a new domain name and the conversion was poorly execut that number could be your potential loss. Broken Analytics Reports Analytics reports are one of the cornerstones of understanding Estonia Phone Number your website’s health and performance at a granular level. They enable you to track your organic traffic and earnings. However, if you don’t properly update your Google Analytics configuration during a site migration, you can break reports and miss important data.

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Losing Access to Google Search Console Data If you don’t properly migrate your site to its new domain, analytics reports aren’t the only valuable tool you might lose access to. You may also lose access to your Google Search Console data. The list of potential site migration disasters can be serious, but don’t lose hope. Preparation is at the heart of every successful site migration. A little preparation goes a long way Before you give up on domain migration for good, it’s important to realize that there is a way to do it the right way. With some planning and preparation, you can avoid post-migration crises and declines in organic traffic. Do your homework before choosing a new domain name.

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